10 Essential Photography Tips That No One Has Told You Before


March 29th, 2019   |   Updated on November 18th, 2020

In the world of gadgets, everyone is a born photographer. You might have seen many of people around you who are always on the phone, “Clicking, clicking and clicking.”

Though at times it may look odd, fortunately, or unfortunately, today’s generation is obsessed with capturing the moment. With such an increase in the trend of capturing the moment, it becomes difficult to hold back.

Also, we cannot neglect the fact that smart devices these days have made photography easy for numerous people.


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Well, if you are obsessed with something, you should not skip it only because you are not good at it. There is always a bright way that can lead you to the tricks of enhancing your skills.

In the article penned below, there are 10 essential photography tips you need to learn and nobody has ever told you this before.



1. Gears And Tools Are Not Everything

First things first, the photography game is not all about the gears. You may not agree with my statement that’s a straight fact and we cannot deny it. The example is as simple as the car model does not matter; it’s the driver who wins the race. Similarly, if you are so much into buying expensive products to enhance your skills, you are doing wrong. A good photographer is the one who knows how to place with the tools that are in hands.


2. Light Matters

You may agree, or not but light plays a major role in making your picture perfect. Before you realize the worth of light in your pictures, you need to understand how it plays. It’s not just a matter of light but the right light. The Led ring light can help you in enhancing your photos..


3. The Perfect Picture Hour


Can you believe, there is always the right time to capture the perfect picture when the daylight is supporting you, creating a perfect back-drop? When you talk about the golden hour, its right after sunrise and before sunset. Get over your laziness and do not miss a chance to add wow factor in your photos.

4. Practice Makes You Better

Not only for just photography but for everything technique you learn, you need practice. Therefore, never run away from the practice. The more you practice your skills, the more you make learned through your mistakes.


5. Ensure You Are Using Camera In Right Mode

No matter what camera you are using, it always has multiple modes in it. First thing, you should know how each of the modes works before you step into deciding which works the best.

One thing you need to remember is that each of the modes acts differently at different places so, you need to beware of it.

Whereas, if you do not have any idea about the different modes of the camera, why not lease photo booths for parties? Trust me, you’ll have a peace of mind.


6. Know-How Of The Basic Rules


There are no hard and fast rules when it comes to photography, and a good photographer knows when and when not to break the rules. Before you think of breaking the rules, ensure that you are familiar with all the rules first hand. This goes without saying that you can only break the rules when you already know them. Below are some of the basic rules you need to learn.

  • Rule of third
  • Knowing the leading line
  • Fill the frame
  • Keeps horizons straight


7. Using Tripod

Camera Tripods are one of the best tools invented up till now as they are helping people to get perfect pictures. If you are among those whom hands shake while taking selfies, consider using a tripod. An inexpensive tool helps you get the desired result for your picture in no time.


8. Consider Using A Shutter Speed

Have you heard about shutter speed? Well, do not be afraid to use a shutter speed as it is an interesting tool if handled with care and in the right way. The shutter speed basically helps you in getting the images of your moving the object. With this tool, you do not have to worry about stopping the images or moving the camera along. Even if your subject is moving fast, your shutter speed will capture the perfect image for you.

9. Keep The Backgrounds Simple

Ultra-Telephoto Zoom Lens

The less complicated background you use, the more comfortable and easy it will be for you to ensure a high quality picture. If you are confused with the background, prefer keeping it simple and plain. There will be no harm if you do not add anything in the background. As far as your picture is not blurred, it is good to go. And if you want to blur the background, you can use a prime lens.

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10. Post Process Is A New Trend

It is not an evil thing to post process of your photography. You can take help from a number of tools available online as well as offline. You can use them to enhance the quality, for color correction, cropping and for another editing.