5 Facts About Exercising We Did Not Know About

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May 3rd, 2021   |   Updated on June 25th, 2022

Nowadays, all of us have become highly fitness conscious. So much so that your daily routine begins with either a trip to the gym or a walk in the park. However, many of us just follow a simple fitness regimen without understanding it is effective or not.

You would be surprised to know that exercise is a lot more than just the regular stuff. Here are some facts about exercising that we do not know about.

1. Change The Workout Routine

You may have been following your workout routine and even watching the calories, yet the weight seems to be stuck at one point. The problem is that your muscles get efficient in whatever they are doing. Naturally, your exercise will not be as effective as it sounds. So, keep changing your routines every few months.

For example, if you were exercising in the gym, start walking, and you will notice a change. You could also check as they will prepare customized workouts for you as per your body requirement.

2. Exercise Makes The Heart Stronger

We all think that exercise is only to make us fit and increase the energy levels. However, the truth is that exercise can also make the heart stronger. Actually, your heart is a muscle too. When you exercise, it becomes more efficient at pumping the blood. Naturally, this leads to your feeling stronger and fit to take on more workouts.

3. Music Increases Your Pace

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If you are not getting the motivation to work out, just add a bit of music to your sessions. There is a lot of research that proves listening to music when exercising can increase your pace.

Music is distracting, and hence it increases your endurance. You tend to forget your discomfort, and therefore, you push yourself harder.

4. Stretching Does Not Reduce Chances Of Injury

Probably people have told you to do stretching before you exercise to avoid injuries. However, studies reveal that such static stretching can actually be harmful to you.

Any stretching done for more than 60 seconds could reduce your performance, thus increasing the chances of getting injured. Instead, you should just warm up, and that may or may not include stretching.

5. Exercise Boosts Immunity

Regularly exercising can boost your immunity. After exercising, your body produces more antibodies that can attack all the bacteria and viruses. A few hours after the exercise routine, your body attains its average level.

However, the more often you exercise, the longer these antibodies will circulate in your system. This reduces the chances of falling sick, and you avoid falling prey to the common cold and other similar ailments.


Not getting enough exercise

Exercising has many more facts that we do not even have an idea about. To avoid making any mistakes in your fitness game, follow the above practices regularly. Within no time, you will understand which routine changes are yielding the best returns for you.

When that happens, you can straightaway follow the practice to stay on top of the fitness game. In most cases changing your routines and following them with diligence is shown to keep your fitness levels at par.

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