The Funniest Letters Adults Have Received From Children Revealed

Father's Day Letters

June 10th, 2017   |   Updated on March 2nd, 2024

In this digital age, there’s nothing better than receiving a good old-fashioned letter. Especially when it’s written by a child. Whether it’s checking up on Santa’s reindeer, asking dad’s work to give him a day off or sending notes to the postman, our little angels can have the sweetest of intentions when it comes to writing notes.

These children’s literary masterpieces are too good not to be shared – which is what their parents did online

Don’t you just love it when kids give advice? Mrs Clark must have been in for a shock when she got this postcard. The answer if you feel bad, apparently, is ‘just go poop!’. She’s even draw a diagram

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After wishing the recipient a ‘Happy Merry Christmas’, this child clearly has change of heart, adding: ‘And you are fat’ with an accompanying drawing

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I am running away because you think I farted when I didn’t’, one kid wrote. The angry youngster even scribbled ‘you are mean’ in the corner as an after-thought

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Thank you mom for making m food so I don’t die’ – at least Brendan’s mum knows what she’s there for

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Young Brooke appears to have a violent side: ‘If I had a different mom I would punch her in the face and go find you,’ she wrote

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It’s hard not to smile when you see this kid’s attempt to continue the nature theme. The cow illustration makes this masterpiece all the more entertaining

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Roses are red, just like your face when dad eats our snack’: This kid’s poem contains a unique – and rather telling – simile

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This little girl may love her parents, but not quite as much as she loves her hair. And in case mum and dad don’t realise how serious she is about not cutting her hair, she even draws them a broken heart and buckets of her tears

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This youngster must be angry if his parents are getting the silent treatment. He still loves them though

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This heartbreaking note for mum and dad is written ‘from the saddest person in the world’. The young scribe clearly decided against signing the letter off with ‘love’

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Joseph writes a simple note to his father, recognising that ‘it takes balls to be a Dad’

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Katie writes to her father’s employer asking that he gets ‘one day off’ for his birthday. ‘It is summer, you know’, she reminds the Google worker

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And this father is definitely in the dog-house. One youngster tells teacher Miss James, ‘My dad likes you and he doesn’t even like like mum, so you must be nice’

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Brittney leaves a lovely pink-scribbled note after doing some cleaning: ‘You do a lot of hard work so it’s the least I can do,’ she says

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This son really wanted to let the hotel know how much he loved the fridge. ‘This is the best hotel I have ever been to,’ he admits. ‘If I had any money I would give it to you

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Hitler you are a loser!’ Lucas really wanted to thank the war veterans for protecting him from slavery

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A thoughtful young Olivier sent the postman something of his own for once: ‘Don’t send this to enybody. This is yours,’ he writes

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Take it easy on yourself,’ one youngster tells Santa. ‘Just give me tens and ones of money’

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This final letter to Santa is sad sign of the times. This child meticulously copied out the URL of the Amazon gift he wanted for Christmas. Let’s hope he didn’t miss any characters!

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A young Annisa had to write to remind the tooth fairy that she had still not been paid for the tooth she lost in her pizza last month. ‘Not to be hard but I need money,’ she writes

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Joyce even wrote God a letter thanking him for her baby brother. ‘But what I prayed for was a puppy,’ she reminds him

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