All The 5 Features Of LED Demon Eyes Explained

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August 11th, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2020

In the car culture realm, car modification is the name of the game. There is something innate in the vast majority of us that makes us strive to be unique and one of a kind.

In this regard, modifying one’s car is just part and parcel of our nature. And since the end game is to be and appear unique, installing demon eye headlights is a good start.

Features Of LED Demon Eyes_7

Many car owners will opt to modify parts of their cars that require very little expertise such as the headlight. Typically, one can easily modify their headlights comfortably with a just a good guide.

However, even when you hire an expert, the headlight modification process should not take long nor should it cost an arm and a leg. It is little wonder that every car modification process usually includes installing demon eye headlight.

Demon eye headlights are headlights that produce a solid color look all through the light bulb, thereby producing imagery of pop culture’s interpretation of demon eyes.

They should not to be confused with angel light, which are headlights that produce a ring of light around the main headlight bulb. To install these headlights, your vehicle must have the projector headlight system.

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These headlights are typically available in kit form, and less so in the form of full headlight system. Aside from the projector headlight system requirement, they do not need extensive modifications to be able to use them.

To understand these headlights better, herein we will explore all the typical features that the latest and greatest LED Demon eye headlights come standard with.

In doing so, you will understand what makes these lights tick and what makes the so special in the car modification realm.

1. LED Lighting Technology

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The core technology that these headlights use is the LED technology. In many regards, there would be no compact plug n play demon eye headlights at the relatively affordable price point without the development of the light emitting diode technology.

That being said, you should note that the implementation of LED technology with regards to the manufacture of LED demon eye lights varies greatly from one manufacturer to another and from one model to another.

There are some LED headlights that make use of just one powerful LED bulb with an additional LED ring, while others make use of a combination of many smaller LED light bulbs to produce the light.

As such, the demon eye lights market has a wide variety of options with headlights that have different specs with regards to color temperature (typically around 60000 kelvin), different lumen ratings, and even different lifespans (typically ranging from 20000 hours to 80000 hours).

Crucially, all demon eye lights use an LED chips. These are chipsets that control various aspects of the LED bulbs, including the color of light produced.

Different demon eye lights manufacturers make use of different LED chips. Some will use Philips chips, RGB chips, COB chips and many other chips.

As such, these chips give the demon eye headlights the ability to change colors, which is another defining feature of the demon eye headlights. Depending on the model of headlights, the headlights can produce as little as 5 colors to as many as 16 million colors on the very high-end models.

2. External Heat Dissipation Driver

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Typically, LED bulbs tend to produce a great deal of heat while producing light. Regardless of the size, you can expect every light emitting diode to produce some heat, which when inefficiently dissipated affects the functionality of the diode.

With this in mind, every demon headlight comes with an inbuilt heat dissipation driver. This feature enables the headlight to dissipate the excess heat produced by the diodes to the environment.

In turn, this helps protect the diode from heat-stress induced wear and tear enhancing its longevity. Furthermore, the dissipation of the heat allows the diodes to function optimally. This ensures that the headlight can produce ample light as it was designed and manufactured to.

3. Remote Headlight Control

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With demon eye headlights from, producing a wide variety of colors, users need the means to control the colors produced.

There are plenty of ways for manufacturers to implement user interphase. Some manufacturers have turned to mobile apps, usually Android or iOS apps.

Using these apps, users have the ability to control and program various aspects of headlights, chief among the colors produced.

In this regard, some demon eye manufacturers allow users to program the colors produced by the headlight based on the speed a car is traveling at.

Some manufacturers allow users to sync music with the color of their headlights. Other manufacturers still allow users to program lighting themes on their headlights all through their mobile apps.

However, there are manufacturers who opt for producing a dedicated user interphase device. The vast majority of such devices use Bluetooth connectivity to interact with the headlight, allowing car owners to program and or change settings on their cars.

Regardless of the mode of user interphase a manufacturer chooses, every demon eye headlight will need, and, therefore, comes with a remote control.

4. Installation Kit

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The installation kit is also a standard feature on all demon eye headlights. Considering that these are retrofit lights, users need various components to allow them to fit, wire and use the demon light in their cars.

As such, you should expect every demon light kit to come with features such as brackets and the necessary connector. These reduce the amount of installation time and effort by users.

5. Waterproof Features

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Every headlight used in a car need to be watertight at the very least. However, the vast majority of demon eye headlights come with waterproof features.

These features give the headlight system the ability withstand mother nature’s elements, especially rainfall. However, some demon eye headlight manufactures go an extra mile by making the product dust proof.

These features make the headlight hardy enough to withstand any environment. As such, users are not restricted in the usage of their cars.

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