Finland Legalize Same-Sex Wedding For The First Time, 22nd Country To Allow Homosexual Marriage

Finland Allows Homosexual Marriages

March 3rd, 2017   |   Updated on February 27th, 2024

Finland becomes the 22nd country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, as if you didn’t already have enough reasons to shed your old life, drop everything and head straight to the ancient and picturesque Finland.

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Finland’s Homosexual couples can finally marry and adopt children, as the country’s marriage equality law comes. The Northern European country’s parliament originally passed the legislation to make same-sex marriage legal in 2014, voting 101-90 in favor of the law. The fate of the legislation was finally confirmed last month, however, when lawmakers shot down a citizens’ petition calling for its repeal.

Homosexual Marriages

After the country’s parliament voted rejected the putsch by 120-48, the law comes into effect. The change means that all Nordic countries – Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden – now allow same-sex couples to marry.

Finland’s new law permits same-sex couples to enter marriages in civil ceremonies for the first time, replacing the previous system of ‘registered partnerships’. Couples already in registered partnerships are able to convert to a marriage. Among the first to marry is Kuopio MP Markku Rossi, who Ilta-Sanomat reports is set to convert his partnership with Matti Kaarlejärvi into a marriage.

Same-sex marriage is legal in an increasing number of European nations. Ireland voted in favor of legalization in 2015, while Slovenia allowed same-sex marriages. Several European governments have opposed granting full rights to same-sex couples, however, and some prominent far-right parties are also against legalization. France’s populist National Front party, which is leading polls though expected to lose in a second-round runoff vote in May, has pledged to replace same-sex marriage with civil unions.

This makes Finland the 22nd country in the world to legalise same-sex marriage, but funnily enough they’re the last Nordic nation to do so. For the homoseksuaalinen of Finland, it’s a day to celebrate, but not one that couldn’t have come sooner.



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