Flower Girl Considerations: Should My Flower Girl Have Her Hair And Makeup Done?

Flower Girl Considerations

October 10th, 2018   |   Updated on June 29th, 2022

You’ve gone through the flower girl checklist. Picked out your perfect flower girl? Check. Selected an adorable dress from JJ’s House amazing array of affordable yet adorable flower girl dresses? Check.

Picked out the exact flower? The exact basket? Check and check. You’re all done, right?  This might not be the case.

If you haven’t decided whether or not your flower girl is going to get her hair and makeup done, then you’re not as thoroughly complete on your checklist as you thought you were. Have you thought about this at all?

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If you’re going back and forth on whether or not your young flower girl should be included in the day-of hair and makeup regime, that’s okay – this is a common consideration for several brides when it comes wedding time.

If you’re struggling to decide on this issue, that’s okay. We’ve laid out a few considerations you should take into account when making your final call. Check them out here.

Who’s Paying

Flower Girl Considerations

First things first, you’ll want to establish who plans to pay to get the flower girl’s hair and makeup done. Is this something you plan to cover for her?

Is this something her parents are expected to pay for? If this is something that’s important to you and her parents are not in the position to pay, you might want to volunteer funds for this particular part of the wedding.

If her parents want her to look her best and have a great time getting her hair and makeup done and are willing to pay, that’s great, too. If no one is interested in paying for it, that’s all right as well. The best thing about this is that there’s really no wrong answer.


Take Age Into Consideration

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This is incredibly important when dealing with very young flower girls. If you’re having your 1-2 years old cousin act as your flower girl, odds are that you don’t need to have hair and makeup done – she’s going to be super adorable all on her own, right?

Toddler flower girl dresses are enough. But if you have a pre-teen niece who’s right on the cusp of maybe being allowed to wear makeup or not, this might be a tougher choice!


What Do Her Parents Think?

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You don’t want to forget about this part. Because the flower girl is so young, what her parents think and what her parents allow for her are going to matter a bunch.

Make sure when you’re considering all the factors that you’re including parental consent and knowledge of the hair and makeup possibility.

If they’re okay with it and the stars align, that’s great, but if they’d prefer their little girl stay age appropriate sans makeup and dolled-up hair, then you should respect that.


Does Your Flower Girl Want Her Hair and Makeup Done?

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If the parents are okay with it, you’ve worked out the payment information, and it’s totally age-appropriate, the last thing you need to do is ask the flower girl herself.

Does she want to take part in the fun tradition of the ladies all getting ready together with hair and makeup? Would she prefer to rock the aisle au natural? Get her opinion on it and do what she’s comfortable with!