4 Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

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June 8th, 2018   |   Updated on June 18th, 2018

Living room looking drab? If you feel like despite having all of the essentials — comfy seating options to a coffee table to a media console — you are still missing something, you may want to consider implementing a few new additions to your living space.

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

While a sofa and chairs are essential to any comfortable living room, there are a variety of additional stylish and practical items that you might have not considered.

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

Whether you want more light, a bold accent or additional surface space to display your most cherished photos and trinkets, these pieces of practical furniture can ultimately bring your living space together.


1. Style Your Space With a Sofa Table

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

Practical and stylish, a sofa table can be a catch-all for everyday items or a surface that can be used to display family photos and other decor accents.

Whatever the style of your living room, whether modern, farmhouse or coastal-chic, there is a sofa table that can complement the look. The home design experts from HGTV recommend styling a sofa table along with a chic accent rug, classic chair with a decorative pillow.

They also suggest decorating the top of the sofa table with antique vases and jars, custom signage and classic books at varying heights.


2. Bring the Room Together With an Accent Rug

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

The easy addition of an accent rug can be the basis for a color scheme in your living room. Or, if you already have a color theme in place, the addition of an accent rug can tie the existing pieces together.

Accent rugs can also be used to control the volume of a room. By adding a soft neutral colored rug to your space, you can essentially tone down a bold wallpaper or busy linen pattern.


3. Make a Statement in the Living Room With Large-Scale Art

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

Make a bold impression in your living space with a piece of large-scale art. But before you make a big purchase on a big piece of art, plan accordingly.

Incorporating large-scale art in your home takes a bit more forethought and preparation than what is required of smaller pieces. Properly measuring and planning is key.

After all, other than having enough wall space for it, you need to make sure you can get it inside the house first. And, when decorating with large art, be sure to keep the rest of your living space simple with accents and furniture items in neutral tones, Architectural Digest recommends.


4. Lighten Up the Living Space With a Swing-Arm Lamp

Furniture Items To Add Your Living Room

A swing-arm lamp can make a dramatic statement in any living space, big or small. Not only can this type of lamp create a stylish impact, a swing-arm lamp naturally draws the eye upward and doesn’t take up any floor or table space, says Apartment Therapy. Decorating with swing-arm sconces also look great over fireplaces and bookcases.

There is more to living room furniture than the classic sofa and chairs. Complement the basics in your living room by incorporating decorative and functional items such as swing-arm lamps, accent rugs, sofa tables, and beautiful large scale art. Which new items will you add to your living room space?