20 Awesome Gift Ideas For Couples Who Just Get Each Other

Gift Ideas For Couples

August 13th, 2017   |   Updated on March 8th, 2024

So you want to do something special for your beloved, but stumped for ideas? Whether you want a gesture that’s creative, outrageous, affordable, quick or classic, we’ve got the answer.

You want them to have memories of the gift for years to come. This is the year that you are going to do just that! We’ve asked and searched for those unique gifts for couples that is sure to have others wondering how you found such an amazing item.

Ordering every last item on your spouse’s Amazon wish list is definitely nice, but it isn’t all that exciting for them to unwrap a present they expected to receive. For couples, we’ve compiled a list of 20 Awesome cute gifts that are sure to spread some holiday cheer.

1. Wewood Limited Edition Jupiter Wooden Watch

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Feather-light, smooth and made of 100% natural wood. A perfect item for your husband to remember when you’re going out.

Product Review : Bought this for my Fiance for I think a Christmas Gift last year…He had been shopping for these for a while just kind of looking at the unique make of the WeWood watches. It is made of Juniper and is pigmented/stained or painted a dark brown, nearly black. The pigment isn’t natural Juniper wood color just FYI. The links are removable for size and it snaps into place around the wrist or you can simply slide it over your hand. Get it from Amazon for $74.95


2. Broadway Basketeers Gourmet Gift Basket


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Nothing more to say then if your spouse is a chocolate lover than this is the way to go. Include some fun cookie recipes you can do together to heat up the kitchen.

Product Review : I use these baskets for gifts for my employees to recognize their great work. They love them. They are attractive and everyone that wins one loves the content. Thanks for making my team so very happy!! Get it from Amazon for $48.95


3. Silk Pajamas for Him

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Cuddle up to the smooth feeling of silk on your guy.

Product Review : I bought these for my dad; he has Parkinson’s and had trouble turning over in bed. His doctor recommended silk pajamas to reduce friction. He loves these! In fact, my mom said he’s NEVER liked wearing pajamas, but he likes these! Get it from Amazon for $89.99


4. Big Joe Cozy Bean Bag Love Seat


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The Big Joe foam chair is the most comfortable place to sit anywhere. The foam chair will conform to your body as you sit and talk with your spouse.

Product Review : Instead of buying a bed for my spare room, I figured it would be cheaper to buy this instead of getting frame, box spring, mattress and bedding, that this would be cheaper. Surely it is just cut up memory foam and takes a week or so to grow to size, all you have to do roll it on its side and loosen up the foam to reshape it. Get it from Amazon for $136.99


5. Inflatable Hot Tub

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Enjoy the soothing, natural health benefits of an inflatable hot tub. Whether it’s an early morning eye opener, a post-workout refresher or a restful moment to reconnect with loved one.

Product Review :  I bought the deluxe bubble / jet version and it’s impressive. But the first week I had it I noticed the spa was losing air slowly and I had to top it off with air every day. I called intex support and they shipped me a replacement tub. It arrived in less than one week. The new one works great so far. I had a great support experience from Intex. Maybe they’ve made some improvements. Get it from Amazon for $395


6. A visit journal

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While we’re talking about all things writing, have you ever thought about keeping a visit journal? Surprise your loved one with a beautiful, leather-bound journal.

Product Review : I was very skeptical when I ordered this journal because of the price. It seemed a little cheap for a good quality leather journal, but I loved the design on the cover so I went out on a limb and made the purchase. I couldn’t be more happy I did! The leather is gorgeous and soft and smells fantastic, the paper is of nice quality and the pages are thick enough the ink wont bleed through. Get it from Amazon


7. The key to your heart


At first, a keychain may not seem like the most romantic of long distance relationship gifts. However, it is something your love will pick up and carry with them every day. And every time they use their keys?? That’s an opportunity to remember how much you love them.

Product Review : Beautiful item! Larger than I expected. Seller rushed it so I’d have it in time for Valentine’s Day, which I much appreciated. She was a dream to work with! My sea-loving husband adores it. Only slight criticism is that from the photo I thought it would be part silver and part gold-colored, but it’s entirely silver. Get it from Amazon for $32


8. The path home

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Let’s leave aside the fact that not many of us actually know how to use a compass nowadays… the object itself still carries the aura of romance. It speaks of epic journeys, uncertainty, and navigating solo by the stars as you press on towards home–just you against the elements.

Product Review : I bought this for my husband as an anniversary present and he LOVED it. It’s more for decoration, and not sure how accurate the compass really it, but it looks great! Get it from Amazon for $49.99

9. Tell them they mean the world to you


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While we’re talking all things navigation, how about telling them they mean the world to you? Your love spans many miles (and, in some cases, the entire globe) so show them you love them “the world-over” with a globe-themed gift.

Product Review : I have this globe sitting on the shelf above our fireplace. It’s beautiful. It’s got some weight to it. The etching prefect. It came in a pretty blue box with a magnetic flap closure. Would be great to give as a gift. Get it from Amazon for $16.50


10. Go sparkly

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If you’re not into numbers there are stacks of other LDR jewelry options. If you’re really committed to relationship-themed jewelry, I liked the look of all of these options, especially the cuff bracelet and the floating heart necklace. Cuff bracelet shown.

Product Review : Cuff Bracelet – Special Dates Hand Stamped Secret Message Cuff Bracelet – Personalized Silver Jewelry – Custom Mommy Grandmother Multiples Dates and Secret Message. Great for any occasion and ready for your personalization requests. Each piece is hand cut and hand crafted just for you- no two “Heartprints” are ever exactly alike… your “Heartprint” will be uniquely yours, too! Get it from Amazon for $29


11. Spicy Vanilla Bath & Body Gift Basket


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An entire ensemble of spa-quality indulgences, from bath fizzers to exfoliating scrubbers, leaves you feeling relaxed, refreshed and ready to greet the day!

Product Review : Really loving this product(s). My wife is chemical sensitive and it is gentle enough for her. The spicy vanilla, it isn’t really ‘spicy’, more on the vanilla side. My only complaint about this basket is the amount of plastic wrap and the number of layers of said wrap involved. Perhaps that is necessary to keep the presentation in order. Get it from Amazon for $22.88


12. Van Der Hagen Shave Set


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You already have a razor and yet you need something smooth to put on the counter top. Don’t forget you can also use this for shaving your private area.

Product Review : I figured I would spend a couple more bucks, started looking around, and came across this. Not only is the brush pure badger, but the set just looks a lot better than the other product mentioned above and does not break the bank. And lets not forget, I have been using good ‘ol cans of cream since I started shaving back in the 7th grade, I didn’t want to spend a lot of money just to discover this way wasn’t for me. Get it from Amazon for $14.21


13. Espresso Yourself Coffee Lovers Gift Basket


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Wake up each morning to a cup of joe and your spouse. This isn’t just coffee, but treats as well. Enjoy!

Product Review : really hits the spot with coffee lovers, my sister enjoyed the variety and subtle coffee flavour’s and of course the chocolate,thanks Get it from Amazon for $42.16


14. Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones


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Enjoy the music that gets you in the mood. The Bose QueitComfort makes your listening experience intimate, personal, and real.

Product Review : I purchased these today at a local retailer. Being a bit of a fanboy, I decided I wanted these even though I already own the QC25. I have only been listening to them for less than an hour, but I am very impressed. The soundstage is the thing that keeps wowing me. The separation and placement of instruments is really good. Get it from Amazon for $358.95


15. Wear your heart on your sleeve

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Yes, there are actually LDR-themed clothes out there that won’t make you cringe. Surprised? Yeah, I was too. Here are a couple of my faves. The “timing distance power” shirt (a nod to martial arts) could be a good choice for guys.

Product Review : The fabric is extremely comfortable! Not scratchy like many of the other performance athletic shirts. Great stitching, threw it on and went straight to the gym. Looking to buy another color! Wish they had more patterns. Get it from Amazon for $14.50


16. LDR inspiration

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When you’re in a long distance relationship you hear a lot of subtle messages about how LDRs never work. Give your partner the gift of inspiration by sharing stories of LDRs that have gone the distance.

Product Review : Absolutely wonderful! Completely relatable on so many levels, touching deeply the heart and the soul. And I’m not even halfway through it! This is the first review that I have ever felt compelled to write, despite my love for books and reading which is only one of the things I have found in common thus far with Lisa McKay. Get it from Amazon for $4.97


17. Best. Wife. Ever. Mug


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Fun and romantic way for you to let your wife know that she is the best. Place this one in her stocking for a surprise before you get to the presents.

Product Review : Third one has been ordered. We were drinking last night and the last thing I remember was something about her being mad about a comment i made about her dress not really fitting anymore. When I got up this morning I found the mug broken on my side of the bed, with a note that I’m sure she doesn’t mean, because I am sure she is mad that I broke her mug. Get it from Amazon for $11.99


18. Engraved Titanium Ring

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Stylish and lightweight this ring’s message is nice and discreet, however your spouse will always know when they look at the ring your special message to them.

Product Review : My now husband fell in love with this ring (aside from him giving the wrong ring size.) He’s not a ring kind of guy, but wore this nonstop! It never left any green marks or anything. It held up for two years of him working at a hard labor job just fine! Awesome ring. Get it from Amazon for $35


19. 135-Piece Household Pink Tool Kit

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Equip your DIY wife with all the tools she needs to tackle any fun project she has around the house and beyond.

Product Review : I bought this for my sweet wife along with the Pink Box PB16RM Rubber Mallet. She is delighted! This is a very complete and concise kit with all the tools she could want for her hobbies and repairs. The tools fit her hands perfectly, including the power driver. She keeps it handy in her sewing room and she always knows her tools are there and ready. Get it from Amazon for $39.28


20. Scented Jar Candle


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These scented candles, lots of flavors to choose from, come in a 13 oz Mason Jar. Great way to add some romance to the bedroom.

Product Review : Hot Damn! I am so stoked on this candle! The product arrived prompt and packaged excellent. I immediately fired it right up…. The aroma that takes over the room it is burning in is quite serene. It smells wonderful and generates a romantic or calming vibe in a dark room. Hey, I’ve been burning this thing during the day, too! Get it from Amazon for $9.99

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