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Top 5 Gifts For Hikers Which They Will Actually Love

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August 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on January 18th, 2019

Gifting people is a way to express our love to the people and to make sure the recipient is as we have to gift them things they would love. To do this, we have to know their likings and select a gift accordingly.

In this article, we have listed five gift items that would be loved or used by hikers very much. These are not only suitable for hikers but also for mountaineers, campers, hunters alike.

Also, make sure they don’t already have a similar item with them in good condition otherwise it would just end up in the storeroom. Let’s not waste more time and jump into the gifts for hikers.


1. GSI Outdoors Java Press

GSI Outdoors Java Press

People who are addicted to Coffee can’t start their day without having a cup of coffee in the morning and for hikers it a very tough task. With the GSI Outdoors Java Press in their hand, it’s effortless for them to have their daily dose of coffee.

This coffee maker can keep the coffee warm for a long time, which means users can have the coffee prepared before sleep and have a mild coffee even after 8 hours in the morning. If your hiker guy is also a coffee lover, then this would be a perfect gift.


2. Waterproof Jacket

 Waterproof Jacket

Climate could be very unpredictable especially in forests and mountains; we don’t know when it could be rainy or cold and sometimes things changes very fast. Therefore, having a lightweight waterproof jacket could a useful gift for hikers and mountaineers.

A waterproof jacket not only helps in the rain but also helps you to keep warm if it gets cold. Make sure you select one that is lightweight and easy to fold if not this wouldn’t make into the backpack.


3. Garmin GPSMAP 64s

Garmin GPSMAP 64s

Garmin GPSMAP 64s is a handheld GPS device that is perfect for hikers, hunters, and backpackers. With a little bit of learning curve, hikers can make routes and tracks on the device and follow them on their trips easily. They can mark waypoints like camps of places in between the trail and follow those if they need to get back to the camp.

A GPS device also makes hiking a lot more comfortable as you won’t be requiring to take your map and compass every time you need to check directions or places. Having the best hiking GPS could be a lot helpful to your friend and make sure they don’t have a decent model.


4. MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter

Find drinkable water in between forest or mountains is a tough task and even if the water seems clean, it is always preferred to get it filtered or boiled. Boiling is one of the most common ways hikers use to drink water, but today we have plenty of portable water filters which are easy to use.

MSR MiniWorks EX Water Filter s one such product that is easy to carry and filters up to 1 liter of water per minute. This water filter would help adventurers not having to bring plenty of water bottles in their backpack.


5. Hammock


Hammocks are better alternatives to tents, tents, in general, requires ample space and difficult to carry, but hammock could be easily attached to two big trees and are comfortable to sleep.

A good hammock could withstand up to 400 pounds and could be closed like a cocoon making sure bugs or mosquitos do not bite you. In general hammocks weight around 1 to 2 pounds and also cost a lot less than a tent. They could not only be used for sleeping but also for sitting which is not available in a tent.

These are the items we find as best gifts for hikers sure there are still plenty of things like solar panels, duffle or backpacks, sleeping bags, action cameras, and a lot more. If you like this article, please share it.