26 Most Annoying Gifts For Kids Of All Time

Gift can be a lot of things. They can be magical, enchanting, educational, awe-inspiring or simply just awesome. Undoubtedly, we all have our own fond memories of some great toys and gifts from our childhoods.

The list below contains the best gifts for kids, including some of the best new gifts of 2017.

1. Starburst Single Flavor One Pound Bag

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Stop rummaging through Starburst bags looking for the one flavor you actually enjoy eating – now you can directly order an entire pound of your favorite Starburst color and go on an insulin spiking, cavity spawning sugar rush for the ages.

Product Reviews: The packaging was great. Candy was as expected. This was a great purchase for a gift. It’s clean the candy was stored in a cooler area because it wasn’t melted to the wrapper. Would purchase again for sure. Available here $9.95


2. Creepy Coin Eating Bank

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Teach your children the horrifying lessons of financial responsibility with the creepy coin eating bank. This traumatizing device features an anthropomorphic abomination that devours coins while the lifeless doll-like eyes stare directly into your soul.

Product Reviews: Face Bank is the thing I’ve been missing my entire life – a reliable, constant companion. Unlike most friends who come and go, Face Bank is always there, willing to accept loose change in exchange for listening to me ramble about my day, discuss geopolitical issues, and investment advice. Available here $17.99


3. Magnetic Toy Balls

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Let your imagination run wild as you create ever-changing sculptures using these magnetic toy balls. These tiny magnetized toys can be molded into dozens of abstract and geometric shapes – making them ideal for creative types.

Product Reviews: I’m so pleased with these, they’re the perfect addition to my desk! I wanted to place another order so I could make more designs but it says that they are out of stock so I had to buy from another seller.  Available here $8.99


4. Remote Control Tarantula

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Scare the life out of your fellow arachnophobe friends with this remote control tarantula with light up spider eyes. This 1:1 scale R/C spider has a furry texture as well as independent leg movement to seem even more like it’s real life counter part.

Product Reviews:  lots of fun for practical jokes. It doesn’t walk on carpet well and the distance for the remote is awful. I tried hiding it under a desk, but I have to be within 5 or so feet for it to work, and trying to scare someone is much more difficult when you are standing behind them with a remote that has a 2 ft antenna. Available here $23.63


5. Ultimate Snacks Variety Box

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Stock up your junk food pantry in a single shot by purchasing the ultimate snacks variety box. This massive package comes stuffed with all kinds of sugary and delicious treats like cookies, granola bars, chips, chocolates, and other candy.

Product Reviews:  I bought the Variety Box for my kids two kids who are in college. It’s finals time and thought it would lift their spirits. I usually like to hand pick the contents of their care packages but time got away from me so I decided to try something quick. My kids totally LOVED IT!! They were both happy to receive it and loved the contents of the box! Available here $28.45


6. Five Pound Bag Of Nerds

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Experience a sugar rush for the ages by pounding through this massive five pound bag of Nerds. The bag comes filled with thousands upon thousands of little multi-colored nerd candies that will put a smile on your face and a few extra inches on your waist.

Product Reviews: Used all if it for “Fish Bowl” cocktails! So worth it and fast delivery!  Very satisfied with product/service. Thank you.  Available here $26.66


7. Dinosaur Head Lunchbox

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Become the envy of every paleontology geek in the break room by bringing your meal inside this dinosaur head lunchbox. This green dino’s mouth opens up to reveal a cozy spot for you to store your food, and it comes with a removable muzzle for easy transport.

Product Reviews: Very satisfied with product and service. Thank you.  Available here $35.00


8. Starry Night Projector

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Enjoy a majestic nighttime sky even if smog or light pollution have overshadowed the actual sky above with the starry night projector. It projects 360 degrees of jaw dropping visuals ideal for introducing kids to astronomy or creating a romantic mood for an intimate date.

Product Reviews:  This was bought because my two children who share a room are afraid of the dark. I have a very bright lamp in their room but it has proved to be way too bright. They usually just stay up and play after I get them into bed because the lamp I was using is to bright. I didnt want to buy a nightlight because the kids always move the night light and somehow it either gets broken or lost!  Available here $5.99


9. Hamburger Beanbag

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Let your stress sizzle away as you plop your buns down on the hamburger beanbag. This colossal burger comes topped with a juicy patty, cheese, onions, tomatoes, and lettuce that all combine to provide a deliciously comfortable seat.

Product Reviews:  Bought this to use as an ottoman under my desk and it’s the bomb. I get multiple comments on it regularly and it’s a great height for elevating your feet if you have restless legs or circulation problems. I used it for about 6 months before I needed to refill it with more beans.  Available here $35.99


10. Bicycle Exhaust

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Tune up your bicycle by giving it that extra juice it’s been missing with the bicycle exhaust. This customized exhaust system installs easily on the back of the bike and creates a powerful motorcycle-like roar every kid on the block is sure to hear.

Product Reviews:  I ordered this for my 8 year old son who discovered the product on YouTube. He absolutely loves it! He especially loves that there are the three different cards so he can make his bike sound different according to his mood or what games he and his friends are playing together.   Available here $10.73


11. One Pound Bag Of Marshmallows

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Quit counting calories and indulge a little by scarfing down this entire one pound bag of marshmallows. This ginormous bag comes chock full of colorful little marshmallows ideal for snacking on – or for topping onto your baked goodies.

Product Reviews:  I split this bag up into snack size baggies and went around the office dealing marshmallows. Word got around quickly and people started seeking me out. They all wanted my source so that they could get it direct, but I knew they would try to undercut me. I gave some free samples out and they all came back wanting more. Available here $9.99


12. Mini Cotton Candy Machine

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If you are a cotton candy fan, you should check out the mini cotton candy machine. The cotton candy machine makes every day into a day at the fair with mini cotton candy cones for you and your friends. Just put the ingredients in, scoop it up, and enjoy the the sugar rush.

Product Reviews:  My son really wanted this for his birthday so I gave in and let him get it with his birthday money. He loves it and all the neighborhood kids do too! It only uses two candies or 1 tsp of sugar so I don’t feel guilty letting them make their own treats. I suggest buying the paper cones and cotton candy sugar to go along with it. The only candy he tried it with so far was sour warheads and they worked great. It looks nice and sturdy and was easy to clean. Available here $41.02


13. Floating Cornhole Set

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Provide hours of wholesome entertainment for the entire family by bringing along the floating cornhole set. The game board features a fun colorful design that can be played on either water or dry land and includes six floating bean bags.

Product Reviews: Ordered this for my kids’ 1st grade graduation. It’s perfect for the pool. It floats and stays pretty steady. The net makes it easy to get the bean bags back after a round and they really do float so if you miss you don’t need to go diving to retrieve them. I’m not sure who is having more fun with this game, the kids or the adults. Available here $39.99


14. Penguin Water Bottles

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Stay hydrated in style by swapping out you plastic bottle for one of these adorable penguin water bottles. Each 8.5 ounce bottle features a high borosilicate glass interior and a tough TPE/ABS plastic exterior designed to look like a cute little colorful penguin.

Product Reviews:  This is a great water bottle for kids. My daughter absolutely LOVES this waterbottle. She was bugging me for a week to get this so I finally did and surprised her with it. It is well made and honestly pretty cute lol. She uses it everyday and I would suggest getting this for your kids. I dont think I would put it in the dishwasher. Available here $10.99


15. Shark Sleeping Bag

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Ensure your little monster stays warm when the temperature drops by feeding him to the sharks. Apart from creating the adorable illusion your baby is being eaten alive, this shark sleeping bag features a 100% breathable cotton exterior for maximum comfort.

Product Reviews: It’s awesome ! Very very cute!! Would buy again. I saw some reviews saying their’s is defective because their slots where the stroller straps go through aren’t open jist wanted to add after reading lots of reviews and also researching about other sharks blankets from other sellers and manufactures.  Available here $29.90


16. Multicolor Light Show Lamp

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Create the ideal environment for any occasion by customizing the lighting using this multicolor light show lamp. The compact size fits easily on any nightstand and features four different music programs along with twenty distinct lighting and color combinations.

Product Reviews:  This is a great,fun product. The packaging, however, was terrible. It shipped in its box with a mailing label slapped on it. What a nice surprise for the intended recipient to see sitting on the front porch! Except it was supposed to be a surprise. Available here $19.97


17. Flying Radio Control Shark

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Wreck havoc on land dwellers with this frightening realistic flying radio control shark! Using refillable helium to achieve flight, the shark’s back fin comes to life and gives a surprisingly realistic appearance to anyone caught in this deadly beast’s way.

Product Reviews:  Brad and I caught Sharknado on ScyFy and had a good laugh. Brad in particular kept going on about how preposterous the whole notion was of a freak hurricane in LA bringing a deluge of airborne sharks.  Available here $29.99


18. Lightning Reaction Shocking Game

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The lightning reaction shocking game is the electrifyingly fun game that puts your reflexes to the ultimate test. Players simultaneously hold onto the handles and wait for the light to turn green – the last one to press the trigger on their handle gets shocked!

Product Reviews: This is the most awesome game! I bought this for my 13 year old son and he loves it, but it has also become a fun game to play with the entire family, and even to bring to our adult game nights. You don’t expect this to actually give you a jolt, but man does it! There are 4 levels and the first is just a little shock/more of a surprise. It goes up gradually from there, but once you get to the 4th level, it feels like you are grabbing an electric fence. I swear, my hands lock up on that level; it doesn’t hurt, just a big shock.  Available here $34.95


19. Hot Potato Shock Ball

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Put an electric new twist on a classic game using this hot potato shock ball. The ball is encased in a protective plastic layer and emits small electric shock pulses at random intervals between the 10 and 30 second marks.

Product Reviews:  My grand kids got spooked by their parents but grandpa straightened them out on his summer visit. Available here $26.99


20. Hand Shovels

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Quit waiting for your hands to evolve into giant shovels so that you can build that mega sand castle you’ve always been dreaming of making. These hand shovels are the perfect way to scoop up sand, dirt, rocks, and more with ease using just your own hands.

Product Reviews:  We got this for our 4 year old nephew who is “all boy.” He loves all things construction, big and small. This was a HUGE hit with him, once his mom put her arm in and showed him what it did. He was ready to open it even before all his other gifts were unwrapped. Needless to say, it went on the moment he was allowed and he went right to his dirt pile. Available here $27.38


21. Giant Swan Pool Float

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Enjoy a relaxing day on the water atop this giant swan pool float. Measuring over seventy five inches long, the swan includes a pair of grippy handles on the neck for added support, so it’ll be practically impossible to fall over unless you’re violently inebriated.

Product Reviews:  OMG! Love! Arrived within two days as promised (Prime member), and my kids are just loving it! Yes, I purchased this for myself for the purpose of lounging alone in the pool, but if you take a peek at my photos, that is NOT what happened at all .   Available here $21.99


22. Giant Inflatable Bowling Pins

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Bowl a perfect game of 300 from the comfort of your own backyard with the giant inflatable bowling pins! These ginormous pins each stand at 29″ tall and provide kids and adults with an exhilarating game of bowling the likes of which have never been experienced before.

Product Reviews:  We used this at a fund raising event last month to keep the little kids busy while their parents beat the living crap out of each other in dodgeball. Available here $34.98


23. Remote Control Tarantula Spider

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Freak out friends and family by infesting their homes with the remote control tarantula spider. This radioactive sized tarantula measures a whopping six inches long and features “awesome-crawling-action” so you can unleash terror in any household.

Product Reviews: lots of fun for practical jokes. It doesn’t walk on carpet well and the distance for the remote is awful. I tried hiding it under a desk, but I have to be within 5 or so feet for it to work, and trying to scare someone is much more difficult when you are standing behind them with a remote that has a 2 ft antenna.   Available here $23.63


24. LED Bike Lights

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Keep from becoming roadkill on your next nighttime ride with the LED bike lights. These all weather lights fit discretely on the bottom of the bike frame and emit a luminous glow that oncoming cars will be able to see from a distance.

Product Reviews: So, when I put this on my daughter’s new bike… my wife looked at it with a smirk and said “are you going to put 90s underglow on our car next?” She then said “That is the most ghetto thing I have ever seen on a bike.  Available here $12.99


25. Jousting Inflatable Wooden Logs

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Turn your pool into a watery arena where you can showcase your skill and valor with the jousting inflatable wooden logs. Each aquatic gladiator gets their own inflatable log to float on and log boppers to knock their opponent down into their watery grave.

Product Reviews: We got this for my son’s 16th bday party. It is great quality for a inflatable pool toy. The kids were all the height/weight of adults, so getting on and staying on the logs was tough.  Available here $20.96


26. Water Shooting R/C Helicopter

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Perform some surprise aerial attacks on your co-workers with this water shooting R/C helicopter. This easy to use and even easier to recharge mini helicopter features a built-in water cannon that precisely fires at your command, making it perfect for pranks.

Product Reviews: I have smashed this thing into walls, ceilings, spinning fans, cats, my girlfriends face and the floor after a two story drop and it hasn’t ever stopped working or flown differently. Available here $25.64
Source: thisiswhyimbroke.com, Amazon

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