8 Easy Ways To Grow Long Curly Hair

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February 4th, 2019   |   Updated on February 5th, 2019

The popular adage, “curly hair, very fair” as a symbol of beauty is not without its reasons. Long, curly hair has many admirers, although it is one of the hardest types of hair to take care of.

That being said, if you do it right, then you’ll end up with one of the most beautiful hair types, too. It isn’t too difficult, either. Here today, we discuss around 8 easy ways to grow long, curly hair.


1. Regular Visits To Your Stylist Are Great!

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It may seem counterproductive, but in fact, regular trims can be essential for your hair to grow out long and curly. This has an added benefit of stopping split ends before they become detrimental.

Getting a cut every two months or so is great for the hair, as it saves you from cutting off those dead, split ends on your own. If your stylist knows all about your hair, then he/she can style it as it grows-making the end result exactly how you want it to be.


2. Washing Your Hair Less Often Is Key

If you wash your curly hair too often, it is going to dry out very quickly! Washing gets the hair rid of the natural oils from the scalp, which in turn makes the hair dry and prone to breakage. If you want to wash hair, do it only two to three times a week, and not every day.

If you feel the need to wash your hair more frequently, try using dry shampoos in between regular washes. Every time you do wash your hair, do not forget to use a rich and enriching conditioner.


3. Styling-Avoid Heat!

1. Intricate Hairstyle

Blow-drying and straightening (duh) are detrimental to the health of curly hair. If you want to grow out those long curls, then better get rid of the hair dryers and pressing irons for a bit.

If you want to generate more curls in your hair, then try going for mild curling tools and use curl styling creams. If you simply cannot resist the impact of heat on your hair, then use heat protectant products before you do so.

Also, do not put your hair in a bun or ponytail too often. This can result in breakage since this tight pulled style can cause wear and tear-like damage to the hair. Keep the bun as loose as possible.


4. Eat Well-what Goes In Your Body Impacts What’s On Your Head!

Enough protein and iron are important for good hair growth. Make sure to eat healthy, have a balanced diet, and drink a healthy amount of water each day. Vitamins B12, D, and E are important for hair strength and growth, so eat foods rich in these vitamins.

Oatmeal, brown rice, meat, salmon, spinach and other foods are great to give the hair the strength that it needs. The better you eat, the healthier your hair will be.


5. Protect Your Hair-especially When You Sleep

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Covering your hair at night when you sleep is good practice if you’re looking to grow out longer, curly hair. Silk or satin bonnets to cover the hair, and pillowcases to sleep on if you’re not covering hair, are the best ways to protect the hair from frizz and breakage.

This reduces friction against the hair, in turn preventing unwanted breakage from tugging too hard. Another method to keep your hair protected is to sprinkle some water over your hair very lightly, and then cover it with a shower cap when you sleep.

6. Take Supplements And Hair Vitamins

Supplements and hair vitamins aren’t a replacement for a balanced diet, rather an addition to help your hair grow thicker and healthier. Those curls aren’t going to take care of themselves, are they?

So, it’s best that you do! Taking supplements rich in vitamins like B12, B3, and other minerals like zinc are especially beneficial for the hair.


7. Detangle Your Hair Carefully

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If you have curly hair, you’ll already be aware of the perils of having massively tangled hair. Use your fingers to detangle hair or a wide-toothed comb. Starting from the bottom and then working up the length of the hair is the best practice when it comes to detangling.


8. Finally, Just Relax!

Stress can go a long way in ruining many of your bodily functions, not just hair growth. So, relax, exercise for a bit every day, stay happy, and let your body do the rest for you! Feeling good is key to staying healthy, and having long, curly hair!