5 Hair Styling Tips For Men To Use In 2021

Hair styling tips for men

January 5th, 2019   |   Updated on September 30th, 2021

Some hairstyling tips will ensure that you look good every time you leave your home. There are many hairstyling products on the market that you can use, including a specific hair cream for men.

Using such products between which we have professional hairdressing scissors  and following a few tips discussed below will make styling your hair easier. These tips will also help you solve various hair styling problems such as thinning hair, hair breakage, and dry scalp.

By incorporating the tips shared below, you will be able to maintain healthy and good looking hair.

Hair Styling Tips For Men

1. Identify Your Facial Shape

facial shape for hair style

Different hairstyles will look good on different facial shapes. You should know the shape of your face and styles that suit such a shape. After you identify your facial shape, you can make the necessary amendments to ensure that you get the hairstyle that best suits your face.

In some cases, you may be required to grow your hair longer or even get a haircut. You may seek the opinions of a friend, a family member or a professional hairstylist. These people may have better ideas of hairstyles that suit you best. A hairstylist can also recommend the best products for your hair depending on its length, texture, and your preferences.


2. Wash Your Hair First

Hair styling at home

Before you think about styling your hair, ensure that it is clean. This makes it easier for the styling products to be absorbed for a more polished look. Cleaning your hair helps to get rid of grime and previous products used in styling. This way, you can easily use other styling products for a cleaner and fresh look every day.


3. Avoid Heat

Hair styling men

Heat makes it difficult to style your hair. As much as possible, avoid procedures such as hair blow-drying. If you must blow-dry your hair first before styling, choose the low heat option. However, as much as possible, avoid too much heat on your scalp and hair.

If you live in a hot environment, be careful on the type of products that you use for styling because heat destroys the hold of most products. You should use lighter styling products.


4. Use Creams

Use hair cream

This is an important styling aid that you should always have in your bathroom. This is especially so for people who need some shine on the hair and a lighter finish as compared to using pomades and Mousse. The cream holds the tresses together and helps to maintain a neat hairstyle.

Creams may be applied on dry or wet hair. An important tip to remember is that the cream should be used sparingly, especially for people with fine hair. Using too much cream on fine hair leaves a greasy look.


5. Finishing Product

Men's hairstyle

Choose the right finishing product for your hairstyle. This will determine how long the hold will last. Hair sprays play an important role in styling. You must combine them with the right hair styling products for a final polished look that will be creative and impressive.

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