7 Hair Cuts Tips For Men That Are Never Out Of Fashion

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December 9th, 2018   |   Updated on December 12th, 2018

A man with a good hairstyle makes a bold statement. While hairstyles come and go, there are trends that will never go out of fashion. Wearing a hairstyle that gives you a timeless look is incredible. No matter the type of your face, the texture or length of your hair, you need to look good at all times.

When it comes to hair grooming, the best part is that if you cannot find time to visit the barber shop, you can always go online and log onto hairclippersclub for the best home styling. Below are great hairstyles that have been worn for generations and are here to stay.

1. Short Men Haircut

Hair Cuts Tips For Men

Short men haircut suits men of all ages, and those with an oval face. If you want a style for a social or formal event, this is the style to rock. It doesn’t require a lot of styling yet it looks very special when done correctly. For a new and a more original look, you only need to include a hairspray in your daily hair grooming kit. This is to make the hairstyle appear fresh at all times.


2. Textured Hairstyles

The textured hairstyle is definitely one of the styles that brings out the best in you. It is a hairstyle that can be worn to all occasions. What’s more, it can be done by a professional, and you can simply do it at home using your hair clipper. On the thinner ends, you can always use thinning scissors to achieve a great look. A point to note is that your hair must be dry when you are working on a textured hairstyle.


3. Slick Back Hairstyle

Slick Back Hairstyle_1

The slick back has been around for centuries thanks to its easy styling feature. It can be easily styled under the cap and it makes an amazing statement. The hairstyle in today’s fashion world is a symbol of luxury. It involves creating straight threads and combing back the hair to create a more natural framework based on your face type.

If you have fine hair, you can rock this hairstyle by creating a few curls. This will help you to achieve a more voluminous look. For a more exciting slick back, the temple and neck areas should be trimmed shorter or just above the maximum length. Although setting this type of hairstyle can take some few minutes, once you have mastered the art, it becomes a simple task.


4. Side Parting Hairstyle

Since the 20th century, side parting has been a great hairstyle for many men. It is an amazing hairstyle that looks great on almost all face types. The beauty of side parting is that you can easily do it on your own, and there are different variations. You only need to define your needs and select a variant that appeals more to you.

However, you should always work on the side parting on damp hair. Apply your hair styling product with the comb and start parting your hair.

5. The Shoulder Length

The Shoulder Length

The shoulder length is also amazing and can be adapted for all occasions. The trick here is to grow your hair to the desired length. Most importantly, keep the hair strong and healthy for you to achieve optimum results. The trick here is to use products that help to maintain the naturalness of your hair. Therefore, take time to buy hair pomades and styling products that are not harsh on your hair.


6. Pompadour

Pompadour is an incredible hairstyle that has been there since the eighteen century. It was widely loved by women and later on, men adopted it due to the beauty it brings out. The hair is slightly raised up to enhance the natural look of your face. What’s more, it can be achieved with ease on refined and coarse hair.

The pompadour needs a certain level of volume on your hair so that the raised hair can support itself. Most importantly, you need to use products that maintain the shape of the hairstyle throughout the day. Good pomade, mousse, or a salt-based spray can work wonders on your hair. Therefore, take time to choose the best hair product for a pompadour that will enhance your overall look.

7. Hedgehog


Man Hairstyle Hair Model Male Hair Model Haircut

Hedgehog is equally a hairstyle that is hard to ignore. It is ideal for all occasions and is great if you have an excellent profile.

Therefore, if you have been wondering about a hairstyle that will always make a statement, consider the above options. These are wonderful and beautiful hairstyles that are also easy to execute.