50+ Halloween Puns That Are Sure To Tickle Your Funny Bones Too


September 9th, 2019   |   Updated on October 14th, 2019

Have you heard about puns and do you know what it means? Puns are clever lines that bring about the fun factor in your lives. Whether it is with your friends or partners you can use them to create a few laughs even in the most miserable of situations.

Halloween is a fun event too and has all essential elements that can lead to some very funny puns. When you share such puns with your friends you are sure to get the appreciation for being so talented.

As a tribute to this festival, we have combined a list of 50+ Halloween puns that are sure to tickle your funny bones too. Read on and share the magic.

1. Why Did The Ghost Have To Leave The Halloween Party Early? He Couldn’t Handle His Boo’s!


2. Why Wouldn’t The Skeleton Go In The Haunted House? He Had No Guts.


3. How Do You Repair A Broken Jack O’ Lantern? Use A Pumpkin Patch.


4. Why Are Vampires So Easy To Trick On Halloween? They’re All Suckers!


5. I Like You Because You’re Kind Of Corny.


6. Where Do Fashionable Ghosts Shop For Costumes? Boo-tiques.


7. Halloween Candy Is Yummy And All, But Don’t Forget To Save Room For ‘i Scream.


8. When Ghosts Team Up To Frighten People On Halloween, You Might Say They’re Splitting Scares.


9. What Do You Call A Skeleton Who Refuses To Help You Clean? Lazy Bones.


10. I’m All Wrapped Up In You.


11. What Do You Get When You Cross A Person Dressed As A Silverware Utensil In The Middle Of Traffic? A Fork In The Road.


12. Did You Hear About The Vampire Who Had To Go To The Doctor? He Was Coffin.


13. What Kind Of Music Did The Mummies Play At The Halloween Party? Wrap!


14. How Does A Member Of A Coven Know What Time It Is? They Look At Their Witch-watch.


15. What Do Baby Ghosts Wear On Halloween? White Pillowcases.


16. Who Did Dracula Take To The School Dance? His Ghoul Friend.


17. Let’s Have Some Skele-fun.


18. Cemeteries Are Always Popular On Halloween. You Might Say People Are Dying To Get In!


19. No Matter What Costumes They Wear, When The Halloween Candy Comes Out, Everyone Is A Goblin!


20. Straight Outta Coffin.


21. What Is A Pumpkin’s Favorite Sport? Squash.


22. Did You Hear About The Vampire Who Lost His Home? It Was A Grave Problem.


23. Why Did The Witch Turn Someone Into A Road? She Forgot To Use Spell Check!


24. Have A Gourd Time On Halloween.


25. Who Helps Little Pumpkins Cross The Road Safely? The Crossing Gourd.

26. Squadghouls
27. Happy Haunting, Ghoulfriend.
28. Don’t Let Any Annoying Vampires Give You A Ride Home From The Halloween Party. They’ll Drive You Batty!


29. Did You Hear About The Guy Who Was Bitten By A Vampire? It Was A Pain In The Neck.


30. What Is A Skeleton’s Favorite Musical Instrument? The Trom-bone.


31. What Kind Of Wine Do Skeletons Like? Anything With A Full Body.


32. Halloween Candy Is Yummy And All, But Don’t Forget To Save Room For “i Scream.”


33. Why Should You Always Trust A Mummy With Your Secrets? They Can Keep Anything Under Wraps.


34. Gimme All The Boos.


35. Why Do Vampires Use Mouthwash? They Have Bat Breath.


36. What Do You Call Seven Days Of Full Moons? A Happy Howler Week!


37. Why Do Ghouls Love To Hang Out With Demons? Because Demons Are A Ghoul’s Best Friend.


38. Cheers Witches.


39. What Do You Get When You Drop A Pumpkin? Squash.


40. Why Didn’t The Ghost Dance At The Halloween Party? Because He Had No Body To Dance With!


41. Why Don’t Ghouls Like Lentils? They Prefer Human Beans.


42. Putting The ‘boo’ In Booty.


43. Keep Calm & Carry A Wand.


44. You Can’t Skele-run From My Skele-puns.


45. Why Do Witches Ride Broomsticks On Halloween? Because Vacuum Cleaners Suck!


46. Why Won’t Vampires Prey On Snowmen? They’ll Get Frostbite.


47. Oh My Gourd. I Love Fall.


48. I Would Make A Skeleton Joke, But You Wouldn’t Find It Very Humerus.

49. Getting Kissed By A Vampire Is A Pain In The Neck.


50. Why Did The Ghost Step Outside The Halloween Party? He Needed A Breath Of Fresh Scare!

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