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Why Do I Need A Healthcare Learning Management System?

Healthcare Learning Management System

February 12th, 2019   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

Ensuring patient safety and compliance to quality care procedures is a must in order to run a successful healthcare organization.

The more complex state and federal regulations become for mandated healthcare trainings, the more effort that needs to go into coordinating these programs across facilities and different departments (ReportBuyer, 2017).

One of several healthcare learning management system benefits are that healthcare LMSs can manage large-scale and smaller-scale trainings across different specialties has become increasingly useful in saving time and resources of healthcare organizations.

Moving Your Trainings To A Healthcare LMS Poses Several Benefits

Revolutionising Healthcare

Updating digital course materials to reflect updated information is much less expensive than updating print course materials.

Trainings that are online and available 24/7 allows healthcare professionals to take trainings at their convenience, in or out of the office and eliminates the need for in-person trainings that are difficult to schedule with 100% attendance.

A healthcare LMS allows easy real-time tracking of staff certificates all in one central location.

A healthcare LMS can support as many trainings as you have got, from HIPAA compliance trainings, to trainings on how to use new data systems, to continuing education regarding senior care or pharmaceuticals.

So, How Do I Get Started? How Do I Choose The Best Healthcare LMS?


1. Think Of All Of The Programs You Would Like To Support On Your Healthcare LMS, And In What Format You Would Like To Deliver Your Online Programs.

Consulting A Doctor

Are you looking to deliver blended learning courses, webinars, distance learning courses, or courses that connect to medical devices to teach healthcare workers about proper usage procedures? Some healthcare learning management systems support all of these functions while others might only be able to support a select few.

Before choosing your healthcare LMS, determine the types of courses you would like to conduct online, and the way in which you would like these courses to be formatted.

This will help you better compare healthcare learning management system vendors.

2. Make A List Of All The Features You Would Like Your Healthcare Learning Management System Solution To Support. Then, Rank Those Features From Most Desirable To Least Desirable.

Patient Safety Issues In Hospitals

Now that you know the programs you would like to conduct, and the format in which you would like to deliver those programs–it should be easy to list the features you would like in those programs and on your healthcare LMS.

Below is an example of a helpful list of features that can serve as a beginner guide for creating your list of necessary features:

  • Single sign on between the registration system and the LMS
  • 24/7 tech support for course takers and course creators
  • User friendly system for course takers and course creators
  • White labeling capabilities
  • eCommerce capabilities
  • Ability to support multiple course creators for real-time collaboration in the course creation process
  • Abilities to download and print invoices
  • Secure website
  • Ability to export data reports showing electronic evaluations of courses
  • Ability to have self-service password reset for course takers and course creators
  • Ability to track, download, print, and save certificates
  • Ability to customize certificates
  • Ability for course takers to view course history
  • Ability to send notifications to course takers with expiring licensure
  • Ability to track course taker’s online class progress
  • Ability to handle multi-component courses: 100% online classes, blended learning classes (online followed by an in person assessment, or in person only classes that are registered for and paid online)
  • Ability to import registration list
  • Ability to collect demographic data
  • Ability to set specific time requirements
  • Ability to allow integrations with other systems
  • Ability to print class rosters
  • Ability to reissue programs to course takers
  • Ability to host video lectures
  • Ability to deliver programs on mobile, tablet, and desktop devices
  • Ability for the course taker to create individual student credentials

3. Begin Your Research For Possible Healthcare Learning Management System Vendors.

Important To Choose The Maternity Hospital Carefully

There are several avenues by which you can begin your search. Some options include Capterra or google to search through thousands of healthcare learning management system vendors with the keyword search: “healthcare learning management system.”

Another option is to check out articles comparing some of the best healthcare learning management systems, and checking out the options listed in those articles.

Or, you can start simply by checking out CertCentral. CertCentral’s healthcare LMS is the best healthcare learning management system for any healthcare organization looking to streamline their certificate trainings on an easy-to-use interface.

CertCentral supports all of the features outlined in the feature list above. Additionally, CertCentral offers a 30-day free trial period so that you can explore the platform and set up your courses prior to starting a subscription plan.

I hope this guide can serve as a helpful resource for you to reference as you begin your successful quest for the best healthcare learning management system for your training needs!

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