29 Comical Examples Of Dads Redefining The Concept Of Being A Parent

Hilarious Dads

May 25th, 2017   |   Updated on February 28th, 2024

We at Bright Side would like to present you with 30 comical examples of dads redefining the concept of being a parent.

1. When it’s dad’s turn to feed the baby.

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2. Eating out.

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3. Fun with foam.

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4. This dad who likes to play around with Snapchat filters.

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5. “Don’t tell your mother about this, son!”

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6. This dad who likes to keep himself entertained while his baby is sleeping.

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7. This overly creative father getting his daughter’s hair done.

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8. When dad needs to improvise a restraint.

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9. Things got out of hand without mommy.

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10. “Daddy dressed me.”

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11. Cereal thieves. When daddy isn’t looking.

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12. This dad who is flooded with parenting duties.

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13. When daddy can’t get the elastic thingy tight enough for a ponytail.

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14. When it’s dad serving breakfast.

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15. ”Don’t worry, kiddo, you can have my sweatshirt.”

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16. This dad who has completely lost control.

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17. When mommy leaves for about an hour and this is what she comes home to.

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18. The look daddy gets when he doesn’t fill up the whole bottle.

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19. “I wonder if she’s going to be able to pick up any radio signals with that thing?

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20. This father who could use some help dressing his child.

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21. This dad who gave his toddler a bottle of powder to play with.

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22. The product of daddy babysitting his daughter alone.

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23. Last words from mommy: “Make sure he doesn’t have too much chocolate.”

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24. When daddy applies the sunscreen.

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25. When mom is away and dad has a dinner idea.

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26. This dad who is practicing the splits together with his daughter.

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27. ”The couch is a much bigger canvas, Dad…”

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28. “Dad, I want to be Doctor Octopus.”

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29. Buttoning level: dad.

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