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21 Home Decor Products Every Interior Design Fan Should Purchase

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February 27th, 2019   |   Updated on November 7th, 2020

Your home is the place where you relax after having a tiring day at work. Naturally, when designing it you leave no stone unturned to figure out and bring the best items to help you do so.

But the truth is also that most of the home décor products are extremely expensive and buying them burns a hole in your pocket. In case you also want to give your house a makeover we are here to help you.

Following are details of some home décor products which you can purchase and make your home the safe haven that you want it to be. Most of the items are well within your budget and are designed such that they keep the glamour of your home intact.


1. Cypress Tree Coffee Table



Aluminum Iron Cypress Tree Coffee Table. 26″ Deep x 48″ Wide x 21″ Tall.

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Review: Elbert B. Jean

Great table! Cast iron “bonsai tree” bottom. Oval glass top. Suction cups keep the glass top in place. Its definitely a feature piece. Will upload pictures as able.


2. Jellyfish Air Plants



This unique decorating idea displays 3 Air Plants Oxacana set in 3 Alphones Sea Urchins that are suspended by clear line. One Jellyfish measures 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide. The flying Jellyfish can be hung anywhere and are sure to be a conversation starter. Air Plants (Tillandsia) get their common name from the fact they don’t require soil. They are epiphytes, which attach to other plants or trees for support.

Their roots are only used to anchor themselves and are normally removed during cultivation for aesthetics. They are not parasitic, instead they gather micro nutrients from the air and water in structures called trichomes on their leaves. As the plant dries the trichomes take on a white powder look. After watering the plant will return to a vibrant green. Air Plants must dry fully between watering because they are susceptible to rot if left wet to long. Some of these Air Plants will only bloom once, but after the bloom they can form up to 12 “Pups”, or offspring, at their base.

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Review: Doug Quinn

These are so cute! I used some of those 3M removable clear hooks to hang them from the ceiling. Super easy. Lots of extra string for creating your exact height placement. I accidentally dropped one and the shell cracked in half so I super glued it back together. You can’t even tell though. The picture is after the gluing.


3. Mosaic Tile Wall Sticker



Become an interior decorator and transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers! With these stickers you’ll be sure to add plenty of color, depth, fun, and individuality apart from the average home. You can adorn the interior walls and windows of your home, bathroom, office, nursery, dorm, store, restaurant, hotel, cafe etc. Get creative and apply them to furniture, such as your refrigerator, table, desk, kitchen cabinets, drawers, walls etc. They’re extremely easy and simple to use. Just peel and apply.

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Review: Liz

This product look amazing. I used it as a back splash decoration and now my kitchen look like I just remodel it. It is bes if you have someone helping you install it, and also if you will apply it on a wall with light switches or contacts I’ll reacomend removing all of them before, it will make your job a lot easier.


4. Vintage Library Wall Adhesive



Become an interior decorator and transform your living space from ordinary to extraordinary with these unique stickers! With these stickers you’ll be sure to add plenty of color, depth, fun, and individuality apart from the average home. You can adorn the interior walls and windows of your home, bathroom, office, nursery, dorm, store, restaurant, hotel, cafe etc.

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Review: Avid Reader

You need a roll for each length, so there is a lot of wastage, trying to match the patterns. I only used it for a small area, I don’t think you could use it for a full wall without spending a fortune. Also, I think it would have been easier if it needed paste applied, rather than the self adhesive version sold here. Looks good once it’s up though.

5. Slow Motion Picture Frame



It’s like nothing you’ve ever seen in real life. It looks like a picture frame, except that there’s no picture and no glass — instead, two clips hold objects inside the frame. Plug in Slow Dance and see the magic for yourself.

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Review: Troy A.

I saw this on a youtube video and had to have it. The one in the video was something like $250.00 so when I found it on amazon for $70.00 I was stoked. It was easy to setup and it just looks so awesome. I’m not entirely sure how long it should be left one, so I just put it on for like 30 minutes a day to kind of relax me. The Price keeps going down!


6. Floating Bonsai Tree



The Japanese decided that their tiny bonsais should be not only cute but cool, too, so they made them float in the air like magic.

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I had this for about a year and everything was fine but then I changed out the ac/dc adapter and that killed it. Even though the adapter was the same voltage and everything something the mech did not like and the light stayed on all the time and that’s when I knew something was amiss. The polarity was totally thrown off and would not float anymore so learn from my meath-head mistake. Only use the adapter that comes with it. The plant does not playh well with others.

7. Peacock Flower Vase



Peakco is flower vase inspired by peacock. Peakco blooms various flowers like peacock’s feather.  Add a sparkle to your home. This impressive 13 inch peacock vase will make an indelible addition to you home accents. Makes a great gift for when you need something with a little extra. Comes packaged in a satin lined window box. Measures 13 inch high x 8 inch wide x 5 inch deep.

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Review: Sharada Doniputi

I liked the sculpture but it’s not as bright as shown in the picture. The packing was good and arrived with no damage. It would have looked more beautiful if the colours were little more bright. But overall I was happy with the purchase. Painting Finish is ok not great !!


8. JOEYOUNG Skull Face Mask

UMFun 3D Printed Cycling Face Mask


Traditional headwear patterns looked strength-less and hypo-dynamic, which is bad for wearing stuff! All our magic headwear patterns are printed out by 3D printer instead of traditional machine modeled printing.

You can see the difference if wear it up to your face by comparing the traditional old head wear. All the patterns are full of energy, vitality,and power. Wearing this makes you feel strong!

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Review: Steven Updegraff

The product came as shown in the picture and is good quality, it just needs to be used a bit and stretched so the fabric won’t be so tough and it’s easier to put over your face. I do recommend this face mask.


9. Horton The Elephant Side Table



Horton has returned to Design Ideas line by popular demand! A small tribe of Laotian carvers claims that they find an elephant inside every tree and free him with their primitive tools. These stunning, modernist sculptures are chiseled from kiln-dried wood.

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Review: Linda Mac

The elephant is an attractive addition to our living room. It is the perfect size….not too big and not too small. It arrived safely and was well packaged.


10. Olson Concrete Fire Pit Table



Offering contemporary style for outdoor warmth and light, the Outdoor GreatRoom Brooks Fire Table is a sleek essential for your deck or patio. The composite top and base are simple to maintain for convenience and topped with an elevated stainless steel burner.
The burner is UL listed to ensure safety and create illumination and warmth for your outdoor space. Durable design promises long-lasting reliability, with lightweight construction and clean, modern style. Dimensions: 50L x 23.25W x 30.75H in.. Composite deck top and base construction. Stainless steel pit. Runs on liquid propane or natural gas. Gray tabletop finish. Limited lifetime warranty on burner. 2-year structural warranty on base.
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Review: Jesse

I bought this table after looking at a lot of $500 options and $2000 options. I didn’t feel any fire pit table is worth $2000 but $500 options just didn’t fit the specs I wanted. This fire table was delivered in 3 boxes and required full assembly. Assembly was very easy and everything looked great. The only slight issue I found was the propane door. I have to apply pressure to sides of the frame to install door. My setup is hardlined so door doesn’t need to be opened. If I did have to open all the time some work would need to be done to door.

11. Driftwood Shelves



These unique, attractive, wall shelves have been designed with form and function in mind. The rustic driftwood-inspired feel of these shelves is all handmade, with the utmost care given for a quality- finished product. * PLEASE NOTE these are product photos and I have produced more than one set of these; no two shelves or sets are exactly alike.

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Review: Carrie Strom

We’ve hung our shelves from Dakoda Love, and they look really great!. Fantastic quality and craftsmanship. We’re so happy with the distressed word, and the richness of the stain. Goes with our other furniture perfectly. Thanks for a lovely product.


12. Shadow Box Edison Lamp



Featured is a beautiful handcrafted wood shadow box stained red mahogany, distressed to a wonderful finish and complimented with tung oil. An antique brass finish, single turn with removable antique style paddle turn knob socket is the center point to this lamp.

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13. Paper Animal Trophy Head Kits



Give your home a distinguished hunter’s lodge feel without having to shed any blood using these paper animal trophy head kits. This fun DIY project shows you how to create amazing and exotic animal busts using nothing more than paper and glue

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Review: HT

It takes a while to put together, almost like a puzzle, but it’s a fun project if you like that kind of thing. The instructions could be better (mostly only figures with a few mid-translated lines) but it’s not rocket science either.

I spray painted my pieces when I was done and I’m super happy with how it turned out. It doesn’t even look like paper craft anymore! I might end up paper mache-I guess the inside to make it more sturdy.


14. Artisan Moss Plant Art



Made with exceptional care and craftsmanship, Plant Paintings are perfect for both modern urban interiors and rustic decoration. Each piece is an original and unique work of art.



15. Stained Glass Candle Holder



This is a multicolored hand-painted mosaic vase that can be used as a candle holder. It would look great at a coffee table, bookshelf or window-sill. Of course, it can be a perfect gift for any occasion.

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Review: TSchaefer

I should have looked at the photos more closely before buying. Although they are in some ways interestingly beautiful, the candle holders were not what I thought they would look like. No candles were included as advertised.

16. Vertical Succulent Garden



Poke the cuttings’ stem ends through the mesh and into the soil. Leave the frame lying flat in a cool, bright location while plants take root, about 7 to 10 days after planting, then begin watering.

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Review: tbremby

The cuttings were lovely! Shipping was running a little behind but Jim threw some extra in there for the delay… I made terrariums with them for my best friends birthday! They turned out lovely. I’m definitely going to buy from this seller again. He’s very fair and has great products!


17. DIY Book Stairs Lettering



Be sure to read the entire listing and review the tips that I’ve posted as the last photo. That should answer most any question you have but if something isn’t clear, send me a message and I’m happy to give you all the deets! Spoiler alert: YES, YOU CAN PICK ANY TITLE OF ANY BOOK EVER WRITTEN (or make up your own). These are all custom made.

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18. 3D Printed Mushroom Lava Lamp




Ultra-low power consumption and very long life-span Safe and durable, energy saving design, lightweight and portable Ideal for home, bars, cafes, restaurants ,wedding, party and other romantic places Cute little mushroom night light with plug and sensor that turns on automatically when it is dark LED intelligent light control sensor, delicate and convenient, home decorative necessary night light automatically turn on when in darkness, automatically shut down during the day.

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19. Industrial Piping Chandelier



A simple cross shape at 30″ x 30″ long, The Tribeca Collection X Chandelier is a triumph of symmetry.

The X-Chandelier made its public debut at the 2013 Architectural Digest Show to rave reviews. It is perfect for accenting symmetry: Square rooms, round tables, foyers, etc.

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Review: Hannah V

Centerpiece chandelier. Found similar on restoration hardware for 4x the price- pic attached. Bought nice T6/8 lightbulbs (be sure to buy dimmable) and they look amazing in our new house.


20. Tree Trunk Coat Rack


Vast plantations in Southeast Asia grow the nutritious mangosteen, but when an orchard ceases to produce, the trees are routinely chopped down and burned. The Yosemite Coat rack is composed of these discarded tree trunks. The trunks are carefully selected for size and branch formation, then trimmed, cleaned, cured, sanded and stained to create a coat rack that is at once a conversation piece, a work of art and an entryway organizer.

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Review: Kate

It’s good for the price. It does the job and looks pretty good in my corner. Fairly easy to put together also. So far, I haven’t had any problem with it holding a large amount of coats and heavy bags. It seems a little wobbly when there’s nothing on it though, so i wish it was a little more heavy duty. But, I can’t complain since its so inexpensive.


21. Upholstered Faux Taxidermy



Give your home a whimsical touch guaranteed to spark up conversation with guests by bringing in an upholstered faux taxidermy piece. Each unique piece in this stunning collection depicts a majestic fabric animal in remarkable color and detail.

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Review: Bobby

Um…I flipping love this thing! I get so many complements on it and it looks great from close and far. The pieces come separated, but a 2 year old with decent motor skills can even put it together. Contacted the seller and they responded immediately. I asked for a glossy white, but they didn’t have it. Btw, I’m glad they didn’t!!