Top 5 Home Theater Essential Elements You Must Know Of

Home Theater Essential Elements

Updated on January 18th, 2019

If you would instead enjoy a movie at home than struggling to get a perfect view seat in a theatre, doesn’t mean that you can not enjoy the surround sound experience similar to that of theatre.

You can put together a home theatre system and enjoy your favorite movies at the comfort of your home without having to worry about annoying your neighbors or having to pay any additional charge for your favorite refreshments.

Home Theater Essential Elements

But you can only enjoy a home theatre system to its full potentials when you have the knowledge to combine the right components. Be sure of including these five essentials elements when you plan on building or modifying your  home theatre system:

1. Display

You can choose from HD Display, LCD or OLED, it’s a personal preference. You will have to take into consideration, the room size and furniture position to determine the display of what size will be ideal for the setting. You need to be aware of the fact that larger screen requires a more substantial viewing distance, so decide accordingly.

2. Screen

You can select from various projection screens. The following aspects should be looked upon before deciding on a projection screen:

  • StyleYou can either opt for a retractable projection screen or fixed wall screen. A fixed display will stay on the wall with the screening materials while a retractable screen can be lowered and raised on a roller.
  • Wall size: Keep wall size and viewing distance into consideration when planning on installing a screen. The image shouldn’t be too close or too large. Everyone should be able to see the full screen, and the viewers should be able to enjoy the movie without having to strain their eyes comfortably.

3. Speakers

Audio quality is a critical aspect and determinant of movie viewing. You should invest in premium speakers. A standard home theatre system should have

  • Primary left/right speakers: These traditional speakers reproduce music and background special effects.
  • Central Channel Speaker: A significant part of movie vocals like songs, dialogues, music is restricted to the central channel speakers so that all listeners can hear the vocals correctly.
  • Surround Speaker: They produce backfield sound effects in the movie and depending upon the room layout can be placed either on the back wall or behind the seating area, above listening level. You can also set back surround speaker o front speakers to expand the soundstage.
  • SubwooferIt is a dedicated speaker that provides deep bass energy to complement the music and the surround effects.

4. A/V Receiver

For adequate and accurate playback through speakers, the digital audio needs to be decoded and amplified by A/V receiver.

5. Seating

Home Theater Essential Elements_1

The factors to choose an adequate seating is the viewing comfort and style preference. You can choose from several theme-based seating furnishings

A poor purchase or not keeping into account the room space and other factors while installing a home theatre system can hamper the enjoyment level. The elements mentioned above are necessary to build an active and enriching home theater system. You can consult home theatre service providers online that offer a free consultation to gauge upon your needs and provide customized technical solutions so that you have the best movie experience.