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How To Change Your Twitter Handle

how to change your twitter handle

Published on March 4th, 2020

Twitter is nowadays a meeting place for different kinds of people. Many professionals use it as a method to share their views while others consider it a platform to get some more work.

However, if you have a silly-sounding Twitter handle you cannot hope of getting any attention. At most you might only put off any future customers.

If you are also facing the same situation here is how to change your Twitter handle.

Change Twitter Handle

1. Choose the “Settings and privacy” from the drop-down menu in your profile icon.

how to change twitter handle

2. Under the account, header select your username and edit it. In case that Username has already been taken you would get an intimacoution about the same. Choose another one in that situation. If the username is available you would get a green sign confirming the same.

how to change twitter handle

3. Click on save changes to confirm the changes you have requested.

how to change your handle on twitter

How To Change Your Handle On Twitter App

Go to the app and then to your profile settings.

1. From there select “Settings and Privacy.”

change twitter handle

2. Click on Account.

how to change your handle on twitter

3. Click Username.

how to change your handle on twitter

4. Under the new section, you may type a new username. You can take suggestions from Twitter to select an appropriate one.

twitter handle

Click Save Changes to confirm your changes.

Images Credit: Hubspot