How To Download YouTube Playlists on PC Or Mac?

How To Download YouTube Playlists

Published on November 26th, 2019

YouTube is the second most popular social media platform, with 1.9 billion users. Billions of content hours are watched daily.

And though there’s YouTube premium that allows downloading videos for offline, there is an easier and faster way to download whole YouTube playlists.

If you’re looking for a tool for downloading entire playlists from YouTube on your PC or Mac, search no further: 4K Video Downloader is your ideal solution.

What Is 4K Video Downloader?

4K Video Downloader is a desktop app that allows downloading videos, playlists, channels, and subtitles from all popular video hosting websites: YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, SoundCloud, Flickr, Dailymotion, Tumblr, and more.

The software is available for your OS – Windows, Linux, and MAC OS. All the content you’re saving is downloaded in high quality – HD 1080p, HD 720p, 4K and 8K resolution.

How To Download A Youtube Playlist With 4K Video Download?

Playlists downloading can be very challenging if you use improper software for that.

Naturally, you can always download videos one-by-one, but if the playlist is massive and contains hundreds of videos, you will unlikely try to download them in a row.

Thus, you need a tool that will save the whole playlist on your computer, no matter how large this is.

To download the entire playlists from YouTube and enjoy watching them without an Internet connection, download 4K Video Downloader and install it on your PC or Mac. Then open it, and you will see the main page of the software.

On YouTube, open the playlist you want to download, copy the link of the playlist and paste it tapping the green plus icon at the top left corner of the window. Yes, that simple.