11 Best Video Hosting Sites For Businesses In 2020

Video Hosting Sites

April 17th, 2020   |   Updated on October 6th, 2020

If you are an online creator you must know that videos are attention grabbers.

YouTube receives nearly one billion hours of videos being played per day. Though Google’s online video service is the greatest it is not good for your video to be seen there.

As a creator, you wish to explore all the options that you have before choosing one particular platform. Here we share with you eight different video hosting sites that would help in deciding.

1. Facebook

Facebook Video

Facebook allows you to upload video and host it natively on the site.

The big advantage Facebook has over its competitors is the length of video you can upload – a whopping 240 minutes.

Due to the nature of Facebook, video sharing is a breeze (exposing you to a whole lot of potential viewers).

You can also share your Facebook videos beyond the platform by using the embed feature.

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Facebook is a great way to stay in contact with your family and friends.

It is completely free and I highly recommend it. I’m able to upload as many Photos as I would like.

I’m able to see the news and keep up with the day-to-day festivities. I’m also able to invite my family of friends to 30 of it I keep up with invites that I was invited to as well.

I like that they notify me of events coming up because I often forget.. I would highly recommend.

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2. YouTube

YouTube Music

There isn’t a more popular video hosting site out there, with over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute.

YouTube allows users to upload, view, rate, share, add to playlists, report, comment on videos, and subscribe to other users.

It offers a wide variety of user-generated and corporate media video.

If you’re looking to reach a huge audience, want to gain followers with your YouTube videos, or want to monetize your content, then YouTube may be for you.

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And easiest ways to earn money from online if you have a camera and microphone and video editing software on your computer then you can earn money from very simple do you have any experience of any thing you can share with people and earn money.

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3. Vimeo


Vimeo’s basic free account allows you to upload up to 500MB of online v per week, for a total of 25GB a year.

You’ll also get access to some privacy settings and basic statistics.Videos are ad-free by default, and cross-device compatible, with no limits on bandwidth, file size or duration (as long as it’s within your plan’s monthly limit.)

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have used Vimeo for 11 years in both a personal and professional capacity, primarily for the hosting of product demo videos and screencasts.

I first began using Vimeo to host short instructional videos on a jazz lessons blog that I made.

I preferred Vimeo to its competitors then because there was such a great community of artists and creators, and Vimeo seemed much more sophisticated and high-brow.

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4. Dailymotion


Dailymotion offers free and paid accounts, as well as a partner program offering ad revenue and increased exposure.

Storage and bandwidth are unlimited, but file sizes top out at 2GB, and videos can’t be longer than 60 minutes. Also, analytics are limited, even for paid accounts.

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Review: is a best site to view and download to many contents. It gives the information about your searching content. After that we can take our right decision.

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5. Wistia


Offer the best viewing experience anywhere from a single video to an entire series, provide a picture-perfect, super-fast, and captivating viewing experience every time.

Get more views and grow your business with powerful video SEO and tools for creating smarter ads on search and social.

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Wistia is used at our organization, mainly within the marketing department, as a means of hosting public-facing marketing videos on our website.

The software allows us to duplicate our videos that are also posted on YouTube, without SEO-related penalty.

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6. SproutVideo


Unlike Wistia and some other paid video hosting sites, SproutVideo doesn’t offer any free plans, though they do have a free trial available.

Paid plans start at $25/month for 150GB bandwidth, 100GB storage, $1/GB overages, most features and unlimited file sizes

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Overall: Super easy delivery of videos to our clients. We upload the video. We email gate it so we know the client has viewed the video.

The analytics tell us which parts of the video the client has watched more than one time. We can check the download analytics to see if the client downloaded it. Great software!

Pros: We create hand drawn videos for the safety, training and educational sector, worldwide. We use SproutVideo so clients can review their draft video and then download the final video. Super easy, super fast.

Cons: Previously you couldn’t group videos in folders, only with tags. We submitted a feature request, not sure who else did, and last year SproutVideo released folders! So I have to say this software is the best!

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7. Brightcove

Brightcove has highly customizable video hosting options, offering monetization and advertising, live event streaming, lead generation tools, mobile optimization, branding features, advanced analytics, and more.

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Brightcove is our enterprise video hosting platform. Brightcove is used across our entire organization, for both internal and external video hosting needs on our public-facing website and internal intranet.

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8. iPlayerHD


This is a great video solution that won’t require you to add any code to your website as you will with some of the other hosts on this list.

Best of all, there are both free and paid versions, so you can try out a majority of the features before paying a dime!

Also, since iPlayerHD is built for the Wix platform, you can customize the design of the player to your heart’s content to match your website and style.

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I am a Commercial Photographer and a Media Streaming Consultant and a technical sales consultant.

I have been using IplayerHD to host my Real Estate, Aerial and Corporate Events Videos since they first introduced their service. I was literally a Beta Tester of this service provider.

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9. Jetpack Video

Jetpack is the ultimate toolkit for WordPress. It gives you everything you need to design, secure, and grow your site in one bundle. Jetpack video is a premium video hosting service and requires a paid Jetpack subscription plan.

It uses the same content delivery network used by Jetpack photos for faster delivery and streaming experience. It also includes privacy settings, analytics, multiple video formats, and more.

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Popular Automattic services from, such as themes, have been integrated into Jetpack, while their backup service, VaultPress, has been completely migrated to Jetpack. Today, the VaultPress website is nothing more than a landing page that promotes Jetpack.

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10. Vidyard


The online video platform for business. Whether you need a video management solution for your existing videos, or video software to create new ones, Vidyard is the fastest way to record and manage videos online.

Use Vidyard to quickly record videos that help you communicate better. Send video messages to connect with customers, engage employees, collaborate with teammates, and change the way you work.

This video platform is the fastest way to put your business videos online. Upload your videos for marketing, sales, customer support, and more.

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Vidyard is seriously the best things ever when you’re prospecting. It works so well to have video in any cold outreach and makes the whole process of prospecting less weird.

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11. Vidalytics


Vidalytics is a video hosting platform that differentiates itself by having an intelligent analytical backend. It gathers data on how your videos are performing.

You can have autoplay for mobile devices, have a custom thumbnail show when they pause the video, and whitelist videos so course creators can control what website their course videos can be played on.

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I LOVE all the features they have. Their analytics allow users to go deeper into what’s working inside of their videos and what to change. I also really like how on top of the new technologies they are, by offering auto play even on the latest browser versions that are trying hard to block auto play on videos.

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