Realtors, Why Won’t You Explore and Benefit From TikTok Perks?

TikTok Perks

Published on July 8th, 2022

Is there a fun social media platform where I can just hang out? Though I don’t dispose of a great budget, I have many hilarious ideas for a short video. I can shoot funny stuff and later even sell something with them.

I wonder where I could just upload my vids free of charge so that my friends worldwide can watch them and react to them? People keep recommending a brand new and trending app called TikTok, yet I have my reservations.

Tiktok Can Be The Next Best Thing For Your Real Estate Business

Would you call yourself someone to whom this set of mind applies? Then, we have excellent news for you! TikTok has made a compelling entrance into our digital world and doesn’t plan to leave it soon.

Moreover, its platform provides the best local real estate agents with plenty of useful features with which they can generate more leads creatively and effortlessly.

Besides, realtors won’t have to endure paralyzing financial burdens, unlike in the case of running and maintaining a high-profile Google Ads campaign.

Furthermore, you can establish and solidify your online reputation and build your real estate brand. Sounds too good to be true? Join us as we discover the ins and outs of TikTok!

Irrefutable Proof Of TikTok’s Popularity In America

Did you know that TikTok boasted more than one billion users worldwide in 2022? And by now, more than 38 percent of the approximately 268 million American mobile internet users are active on TikTok? Based on Backlinko’s statistics, the app surpassed practical social media tools for realtors, such as Reddit, Pinterest, Twitter, Snapchat, and Telegram. Regarding engagement, TikTok proved its superiority over other social media apps.

Users spend twice as much time on it (about 11 minutes) in one session compared to the second biggest platform, Pinterest.

Addressing Your Concerns About TikTok Upfront

Your doubts and skepticism concerning TikTok most probably stem from the fact that the app revels in cheap entertainment, (not-so) funny videos, and questionable morals in general.

At first sight, anybody can upload their “visual art” pieces without any moderation whatsoever. However, assuming a high-brow approach would mean cutting you off from an incredibly vast number of online users.

Targeting Specific Demographics On TikTok

Speaking of TikTok’s users and demographics, another concern of yours must be the generally low age demographic present on the platform. Undoubtedly, Gen Z supplies the app with the highest number of users.

In 2022, approximately 47 percent of their active followers are aged between 10 and 30 in the United States. Still, the number of American grown-ups above thirty increased by about 5.5 percent during the previous two years.

Another fascinating tidbit is that adults spent around 1.45 billion hours using TikTok during the Covid-pandemic in 2020.

There’s a growing tendency amongst American adults to watch, engage with, and share TikTok videos. In other words, you shouldn’t worry that your social media ads for real estate agents will be limited to young adults.

Besides, targeting Gen Z with housing options in time shouldn’t sound like a terrible idea since they will could become your future clientele. They’re already out there, hunting for their future dream homes.

TikTok’s Perks Will Convince You In A Blink Of An Eye

Though statistics prove that TikTok is prevailing, still relatively few realtors use the application in 2022. So that can be an opening for your grand entrance.

Agents Can’t Allow Being Slow Or Dull Online.

You can’t deny that people’s attention span is relatively short nowadays. A realtor’s website doesn’t load quickly? Abandon it! Is the video just meh? Browse a more entertaining one! Your professional realtor’s social media profile features only boring property listings? Unfollow it!

There Are No Budgetary Restraints!

However, with TikTok, you can create highly creative and compelling short (or longer) videos that users will like and share.

And you can even experiment with various visual ideas since no budgetary restrictions will obstruct you in producing, editing, and posting your videos. Besides, you can go live presenting a home on location via streaming!

Suppose you wish to produce a video without a professional filming crew. In that case, your budget should be able to cover expenses for a modern cellphone and TikTok plugins.

And you can benefit from Real Estate TikTok ads using PiPiADS, an incredible database of advertisements on this platform. It will help you achieve higher conversions and more visitors to your professional website.

Reach Every Demographic!

Visual materials are one of the most efficient aids and content to convince people to buy or sell a property. TikTok offers you this opportunity on a silver platter.

Explore trending hashtags (also known as keywords) on the Discovery page to target subcultures interested in real estate.

You Can Establish Yourself As A Real Estate Guru.

There are various ways to get into the spotlight on the platform and raise your brand awareness. You can experiment with posting videos strictly on real estate “education.”

Subsequently, you can concentrate your efforts on explaining real estate terminology (such as escrows, appraisals, mortgage loans, etc.) We advise you to cover housing market trends and updates in your city monthly.

The second (and perhaps more efficient) approach is the entertainment factor. For instance, you can present your daily activity in a fun way. (Remember to hashtag your location in your caption! ) Thus, your followers can relate to you as a fantastic neighborhood realtor.

Additionally, you can benefit from and capitalize on trends by adding your real estate spin. As a result, TikTok’s algorithm will feature your videos prominently if your content is trending.

Refrain From Making These Two Common Real Estate Mistakes On TikTok!

Don’t feature tedious listings! Instead, you can link your TikTok account to your agent’s profile. Thus, users intrigued by a prospective working together will click on that profile and convert into actual buyers.

Also, don’t be blunt about your message! No one will rush to knock on your door, eager to buy a home from you! We recommend you pitch the idea of purchasing property in your area instead.

For this purpose, it would be best if you presented the immediate neighborhood in detail, business opportunities, and the home’s perks. Sell the true feeling of owning that particular property!

Final Thoughts

TikTok provides irresistible advantages for realtors. Its number of active users is growing every minute. Among TikTok users, you can find representatives of every American age demographic.

Visual content production is cost-effective and won’t take too much of your time, energy, and money. Creativity, fresh ideas, and a user- and community-friendly approach will, by all means, get you a substantial amount of active followers and leads.

You can build your online reputation virtually overnight (for example, if your video goes viral.) Many US-based real estate agents confirmed that TikTok spectacularly contributed to finding actual customers online.

Our final verdict is as follows. You mustn’t write TikTok off as a childish app! Moreover, you should most definitely invest your resources into getting your real estate ad online asap!

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