How Do I Fix Dry Skin On My Legs?

Salt Scrubbing

Published on March 7th, 2019

Dry skin is a curse. And, it becomes extremely uncomfortable when it’s on the bare parts of your body like on lower legs. The skin feels itchy, painful and at the same time tight due to dryness.

Though it’s very common, it makes your skin completely lifeless, dull and flaky. Wondering, how would you get rid of dry skin on lower legs? Here are some most effective fixes you can try!

What Causes Dry Skin On Lower Legs?

There are many causes of dry skin. First of all, it may come through genetics. People who have a history of dry skin on legs are prone to experience it more than others.

Among the other common reasons for dryness are an unhygienic lifestyle, uncomfortable footwear, dry weather, taking a long-time hot shower, wearing wrong clothes, using harsh soap, some medical condition, drugs, and medication etc.


How Do I Fix Dry Skin On My Legs?


No matter whatever the reason, people who suffer from dry skin know how much miserable the condition can be. And, to help you out, we have the following tips that a good number of people like you found helpful.


1. Moisturize Your Lower Legs


Keep your lower legs clean and moist immediately after you take a shower. Make sure you pat dry your legs well. Besides, if you apply moisturizer on your wet legs, you may feel itching and redness on your skin to get relief from dryness in winter also. So, before applying any moisturizer, make sure your hands are clean enough because dry skin is very delicate and sensitive.

Regular moisturizing will help you feel smooth and heal the dryness with time. However, make sure to use a mild moisturizer and keep one in your travel bag whenever you are out to prevent any unwanted situation.


2. Exfoliate The Dry Skin Regularly

Exfoliating dry skin is one of the most effective ways to prevent dryness but always keep in mind that you are not overdoing things. Take a gentle body brush that has soft bristles and slowly move it in a circular motion to exfoliate. Never ever use your nails to clapper claw.

To manage the dry skin issue, do the exfoliating twice a week, no more, not less. While exfoliating, be very aware of not to irritate or damage your skin. Treat your skin like your first-born child.


3. Salt Scrubbing

Salt scrubbing is another effective option to fix the dry skin on legs overnight. You can find a variety of salt-based scrubbers both online and offline.

Choose the ones that are buttery, creamy, mild and gentle on the skin. It would help in moisture-lock on your legs as well. Sea salt scrubbers can be a great option in this regard.


4. Change Your Body Wash And Soap

Salt Scrubbing

You may be trying different remedies to get rid of your dry skin issues but did you ever think that the soap or body wash you are using can be a reason for your dry or itchy skin?

Harsh body wash may dry out your legs without letting you know. If you find anything like this, change your bathing products immediately and bring some natural, herbal oil-based products instead. Mild soap and body wash will help you rehydrate your skin again.


5. Bathe In Lukewarm Water

Probably you are used to bathing with hot water but did you ever realize that it can make your legs even drier? Well, to be very straightforward, sometimes hot shower snatches away the natural oil from your legs leaving it dry and itchy. You may even find redness on your legs after a hot water shower.

Thus, the skin may get tightened and abnormal when you use hot water for the shower. Change your habit and get started with lukewarm shower. It will prevent the dryness of your legs and will definitely help you prevent dehydration.


6. Limit Your Shower Time

Salt Scrubbing

One of the most common problems of dry skin legs is taking more and more time to bathe. If you are a person who takes more time than the usual for bathing, you are more likely to have a dry leg problem. Limit your shower time to fix dry skin on the legs.


7. Apply Ointment Not Lotion

Sometimes lotions may irritate dry skin and can be proved less effective when it comes to treating dry skin issues on the legs. However, in such cases, you can go for an ointment instead. You will find a number of oil-based creams and ointments in your nearby shopping malls.

Try out products that contain jojoba oil, olive oil, shea butter, glycerin, mineral oil, lactic acid, hyaluronic acid, urea, petroleum etc. they are much effective to solve dryness. Moreover, oil-based creams can be of great help to you in this regard.


8. Use Unscented And Gentle Products On Legs

Salt Scrubbing

Nowadays, many of the skin care products contain a drastic aroma that is tough to smell and use. They are not even good for normal skin, let alone dry skin. You know your skin type well and understand the necessity of avoiding these type of skin products, right?

Use products that come with no artificial scent at all. Make sure the products you are using are gentle and natural. We would recommend you to avoid deodorant soaps, retinoids, and alcohol. Avoiding these things will definitely help you keep your legs moisturized and contribute to getting rid of dry legs.


9. Additional Tips

As we mentioned earlier, sometimes medical causes can result in dry skin issues, be it on the legs or anywhere else. It can even be a sign of some diseases or a consequence of some medications as a side effect. In this type of cases, please make sure to consult a doctor to be on the safe side.


Now, when we are about to conclude, we expect that you read between the lines and came across some of the most effective ways to get rid of dry skin on lower legs. For your kind information, not each of these techniques will work as efficiently as you might be expecting, may be due to your skin type as well as the severity of the issue.

However, you are more likely to see improvements within a few days of usage as long as your dry skin problem is not due to any medical issue.