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6 Skincare Tips For Surviving Winter Dryness

Preserve Your Skin This Winter

January 28th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

Trying to protect your skin from dryness in the winter months can be challenging. The freezing temperatures and strong winds can really take it out of your skin.

The winter months should bring with it a different skin care routine to really help you target that uncomfortable and often painful dry skin. Here are a few skin tips that can help your skin survive dry skin in the winter months.

1. Hydrate


It is important that you stay hydrated throughout the winter months to help your skin and avoid any more dryness. In winter, we tend to drink less water and go for the warmer comfort drinks.

But try to remember that you can hydrate your skin from keeping up your water intake. Try and make a conscious effort to stay hydrated and you will see the impact this has on your skin.


2. Natural Products

Natural Supplements

Natural products are becoming increasingly popular when we are trying to protect our skin from the dry winter months. Often, natural products can be more effective than synthetic products that are full of nasty ingredients.

The use of CBD oil has become increasingly popular when trying to treat skin issues and has been found to be effective in improving skin conditions such as dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

Purchasing CBD oil may offer your skin protection from the winter dryness. It may also help any other issues you may have. Here is a place to get bulk CBD oil, which means you can be fully prepared for any skin discomfort that comes your way.


3. Exfoliate

Choose moisturizers carefully

Adding an exfoliating mask or schedule into your skincare routine can really help with the cellular turnover of your skin. This will help get rid of the dead winter skin and bring out the new fresh skin that will keep your skin bright.

Try to exfoliate gently, though, as being too rough with your skin when it is already dry will just make it worse.


4. Moisturize


Moisturizing all year around is a necessary part of your skincare routine and will make your skin feel great.

But develop the moisturizers you use during winter by adding a day and night cream to your skin to give your skin a boost. Be careful to make sure you get a moisturizer that suits your skin type and does not drown your skin.


5. Add A Serum

Skin and Eyes_1

You can further boost the effectiveness of your moisturizer by adding some serum into your skincare routine.

By adding a serum to your skin before you apply moisturizer can increase hydration and help to brighten that dull winter skin.

You can get serums that target specific areas, for example, you can get Vitamin C serums that are full of antioxidants. Using a serum can really help to protect your skin from winter dryness.


6. Don’t Forget Your Lips

Blackheads pimple under the lips area

Your lips can really suffer during the winter months. It is essential that you keep them hydrated by using lip balms. Make sure to research lip care products a little before you buy one, so that you know which are the most effective.

Failure to use lip care products can really damage your lips and leave you with a cracked and painful mouth.

The winter months can bring bad weather and freezing cold nights, but that doesn’t have to mean that your skin must suffer.

There are plenty of different skincare tips that can help you and your skin survive the winter months and you’ll still have that bright and fresh glow! With a few simple changes to your summer skincare routine, you will be able to have beautiful-looking and smooth skin all year round.

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