How To Make A Wig Look Real And Natural?

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural

November 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on January 28th, 2020

Wearing wigs has been a popular culture. One of the first things you will have to learn while wearing a wig for the first time is to make it look natural. Blending the wig with your real hair is going to be tough for the first time.

If this is your first wig, you need to pay attention to several aspects of the wig including the hairline, baby hairs, parting, natural fall, and the layers.

Unless you have a pre-tweezed wig that comes in a ready-to-wear state with baby hairs, you will need to spend close to an hour getting it ready for the first wear. This preparatory phase is imperative to ensure that your wig looks as close to your real hair as possible.

1. There Is Always A Cheat Sheet

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural

It is always an option to style your wig with stylish hats, and broad hair bands to cover the hairline. It is an easy cheat to save tons of time and look as natural as possible. However, that is not a long-term solution. You need something more versatile and flexible for your daily wear.

That is why you should only rely on these cheats in dire situations when you do not have time to pluck and prime the wig.

There is not much reason for you not to spend time on the wig to perfect the hairline and parting. It is a one-time job that will last you for the months to come. You need to improve the lace, baby hairs, and the part just once before you wear it.


2. Keep It Real!

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural4

Most full lace frontals from Diamond Dynasty Virgin Hair do not need plucking and priming. They come pre-tweezed with the beautiful baby hairs around the temple and the nape of the neck. If you have gone with the cheaper ones, that use non-Remy hair or synthetic hair, you may have to deal with the excessive shine.

Some of these new wigs have a gleam that is anything but natural. One of the easiest tricks in the book is to use some dusting powder for mattifying effects. It works great for lighter colors.

Be very careful if you have a black or a dark brown wig. Using too much dusting powder will turn it unsightly grey. Apply the powder at the roots to cut down the shine.


3. Why Are Wigs A Woman’s Best Friend?

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural1

Some people prefer hair toppers to wigs because they do not need global coverage. It is ideal for some, who are experiencing hair loss at the crown. If you are one of them, you need to visit a salon and find out the exact shade of your hair to match the topper.

Some prefer buying the all natural 100% virgin hair toppers and visiting the salon with it to dye their real hair and the topper the same shade. That is not a bad idea if you are not resolute about not coloring your hair.

However, that is not an option for many suffering from scalp issues and hair loss related problems. For the majority of the population, going with full lace wigs is the smarter option since it protects your real hair and at the same time, gives you the chance to look stylish and glamorous on a budget.


4. Take It For A Trim

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural

One of the best ways to turn any budget wig into a masterpiece is to give it a trim. Most wigs do not have great cuts and styles. They are flat, and they look artificial at the first glace. When you take your first wig home, trim them and cut them to your best ability. You can check out YouTube videos, or you can take it to your stylist for the latest bob or lob cuts.

All in all, unless it is a little personalized and a little messy, nothing looks as natural. You should try using a pair if “training wheels” or thinning scissors to create a softer effect. A pro stylist will always recommend adding personal touches to a wig and not wearing it right out of the box.

If you do not have the time to trim it and pluck it, it is not yet time to show your new wig the light of day.


5. Pay Attention To The Hair Parts

Make A Wig Look Real And Natural

Most of the wigs have jarringly perfect hair parts. Have you ever seen a human being with an ideal center parting without small hairs sticking out belligerently?

It is just not natural, and that is one of the dead giveaways of a wig. You need to pluck out random strands. Tweeze away a little, make the center part a little messier and create a natural effect. For reference, sit in front of a regular mirror and check your hair parting.

How does the hair fall on either side? Do you have a lot of flyaways? How about the distribution of the baby hairs in front of the part? Don’t over-pluck. There is no way to glue the hairs back to the lace, so take it to a professional or a friend who has done it many times before.


6. Be Gentle With Detangling


Always remember to be gentle with your wig. Do not use a hairbrush or a detangler. Be very careful about what products you use on it. If the manufacturer recommends a line of products for the wig, use that or ask your salon stylist for professional advice on proper maintenance.

Human hair wigs have a distinct advantage of tolerating heat, steam, and dyes. You should think twice before skimping on your wig expenses and buying synthetic wigs. It is true that a few of the modern synthetic materials resemble human hair closely, but they are not as tolerant towards straightening, curling, and steam.

Hot tools always fry the synthetic fibers, and there is no way to undo that damage! Curling and straightening synthetic wigs takes more effort and finesse, and you should invest in a human hair piece if you want to avoid the hassle.


7. Add Some Volume


One of the leading complaints from all wig users is the gradual loss of volume upon regular use and exposure. The problem is present with synthetic wigs, but it is especially pertinent with real human hair wigs. Whether it is virgin hair, Remy hair or non-Remy, you will invariably find your wig “wilting” after months of use.

You need to understand that just like your real hair, the hair on the wig is susceptible to humidity, heat, dirt, pollution and harsh sunlight. We need to work hard to volumize our real hair from time to time.

That includes blow drying with thickening or volumizing spray, massaging in volumizing mousse and using hairsprays to create a naturally bouncy look.


8. Two Ways Of Wearing A Wig Naturally


Expose your real hairline – The biggest mistake any wig expert can make is not to blend it out with the natural hairline. Without blending it, you will never achieve the “real” look even with the best and the costliest products on the block.

If you are one of the lucky ones to have some natural hair, you can blend the wig with your natural hairline. Begin by placing the wig about an inch or two behind the line you usually would. That should expose your natural hairline and give you a template to work with.

Attach the wig fully with the glue that comes with the wig or one that the manufacturers recommend. Finding the correct adhesive that can keep your hairpiece in place for hours is going to change your wig game altogether. Use a little dry shampoo on your natural hairline and along the front lace of the wig.

Use your fingers to get in there and tease everything together. If you are about to place your wig while exposing your natural hairline, you need to ensure that the color of the hair on the wig and the real hair on your head match perfectly.

Blend it in with your hairline – Otherwise, you can do what most celeb wig wearers do. Match the wig hairline and your natural hairline almost perfectly. Always secure your real hair with a wig cap. It will flatten the hair and keep the wig as flat as possible without giving it an artificial look.

You need to find the correct wig size for this one. Even with the multiple combs and space for the adjustment of the straps, it is difficult to make a wig look as natural as real hair if the size is not correct.

The dimensions are usually standard between several brands, and you can try on sample wigs before buying the one you like at stores. However, if you are shopping online, you might want to refer to the company’s size charts.

Measure your head circumference accurately, measure the distance between your ears from on top of your head, and the length between the two sides of your temple. Most hand-made wigs come with Velcro straps that allow about half an inch of adjustment.

Wigs can be fun if you know how to manage them and wear them. Whether you want to wear it as your natural hair or you are looking to switch up your style game with vibrant new colors and cuts, wigs can help you. Real human hair wigs give you the liberty to style, cut, straighten, curl and dye.

They are very similar to your real hair, but you get the chance to switch it with a new wig in case it wears out! There is simply no downside to wearing a hairpiece.

Images: Unsplash, Pixabay