10 Ideas To Throwing A Bucks Party The Groom Will Remember

Ideas To Throwing A Bucks Party The Groom

September 20th, 2018   |   Updated on September 29th, 2018

The wedding is upon you and you are under pressure to throw the perfect buck’s party for your friend and make a memorable time.

You are the best man and you have to give your friend the best party in his life before he says goodbye to single life.

You should not disappoint your guys by holding a boring and restrictive party but you should have one of those parties that will make the groom forget the fun of being single.

The secret to any party or event is planning. Your planning should certainly be top notch for your party to be successful.

Party planning is certainly not that hard considering we were doing it all the time in high school and college. Are you out of ideas and tips for your bucks’ party?

Do not worry as I am going to provide you with ten useful tips and ideas to throw the best ever stag party of your life.

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1. When to Hold the Party

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The time of having the stag party should be considered carefully if the party is going to be successful. Holding it a day before the wedding day is certainly not a very popular idea among the bride’s circle who thinks that the groom will not be able to stand up after a long night of craziness.

You might be creative and surprise the groom by holding the party earlier than expected. He might be expecting some old friends to join which will force you to hold the party for some few days to the wedding.


2. Hire A Stripper

Strippers gracing a stag party are tradition and your stag party is not complete without this. The groom is surely going to be tied down to the institution of marriage and getting the services of a stripper for the last time would not hurt anyone.

This might not be a very popular opinion in more conservative families so talk it out first among the guys before planning.


3. A Lot of Drinks

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A party is not a party without the best drinks which should be available in plenty. The groom is going to be tied down to married life and I am sure there won’t be many opportunities for him to drink impulsively. Let drinks flow in this party. What is the point of a party if there won’t be drinks anyway?


4. Start the Party Outdoors

Ok, the secret to having a great party is getting to enjoy each moment. The best idea for making your stag party even more interesting is by starting it during the day. Have some few fun activities before you head into a crazier night. Play games or anything popular with the guys.


5. Take It to The Club

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Why restrict yourself to an in-house party when you can take your stag party to the club and have unlimited fun. A club has more entertainment and room for a blasting buck party. You can tell


6. Set A List of Must Do’s for the Groom

The groom is soon headed for a rule-guided marriage and the best you can do for him is to remind him of the best activities or things he needs to do before marriage ties him off. You can suggest a list of activities for the groom among the guys.


7. Play Some Strategy Games

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This is the time that the boys are back in town and there is nothing better than playing some strategy games in order to refresh your team and get to have some fun together. A simple game of laser tag or paintball would not hurt anyone and this creates a good chance for bonding among the guys.


8. Have A Grill Party and Some Steak

Men love meat and an inclusion of a live grill into the party is sure going to make your party bomb. Get all the things ready for a good grill and take turns in the roasting meet and you will love every moment of it.


9. Spoil the Groom

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If the groom has never tasted a 1920 scotch, it is upon you and the other dudes to do the necessary and grab him a bottle. You can also choose to bring some other ideas of fine wine or cigarettes to the party and he will never forget it.


10. Play Some Poker

Men love competition and a game of poker is going to raise the mood in the party. You can even include strippers and play strip poker which is one of the craziest things you can do. It is all about mad fan anyway and there is nothing extreme that you can do to harm yourselves.


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For you to have the best bucks party that you will leave to remember then you need to implement the above tips. I assure you everyone who will attend your party will have a unique test of a buck’s party that he has never seen in his entire life.