How To Increase Height With Exercises

Increase Height Exercises

March 23rd, 2018   |   Updated on April 27th, 2024

A tall stately figure, well who doesn’t like that? If you are tall, you believe that it’s an asset and you are proud of that, but if you aren’t and wish to get a little taller than you are now, this article would help you in this regard and will be a comprehensive answer to the question how to increase height with exercises? Yes, whatever may be the reason height increase exercises is the answer to your problem.

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Actually, there are several reasons for you not reaching the desired height. Your genes for one, if your parents and relatives are of average height, then it is natural that you will also have an average height too.

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Some of the other reason affecting your height is the human growth hormone (HGH), secreted by the Pituitary gland and is absolutely essential for those long lean bones and cartilage. And that’s not all, some of the other factors playing an important role in enhancing or affecting your height are smoking during pregnancy, low birth weight, and maintaining poor health during childhood (read not eating nutritious food to increase your growth prospects).

Highly Effective Height Increasing Tips

It is generally believed that height stops increasing at 18 for women and at the age of 21 for men. However, all is not lost and you can silence your critics who keep taunting you on your height or the lack of it with these effective exercises, Give these a shot and if not for others do it for yourself, the sudden growth spurt can do a world of good for your fledgling confidence levels.

Height Increase Exercises – Include them in your Routine as Soon as Possible

Not all exercises are treated equal, but there are some of them that can specifically leave a positive impact on your height and make you look lean and tall. Find the one that works for you the most, but yes, for each of the exercises to work for you, ensure that you perform each exercise regularly to get any results.

1. Hanging Exercise

I guess you have heard about it before, how hanging from a rod can actually make you taller. Well, if you haven’t had the chance to try out yet, now is your time. Two words to describe this exercise, it is simple, it is effective. You can carry it out in your neighborhood gym first and then try it out at your home, provided of course you have the means to carry out this exercise. This exercise activates your spine and elongates the cartilage encased in the vertebral column. Practice it daily to get results.

2. Skipping

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You loved skipping when you were a kid but wasn’t aware of the benefits of this exercise. Yes, skipping is not just fun, it is a great cardiovascular exercise too. It helps elongate your bones and works on them by putting pressure on them. This helps the bones grow that much faster. Now you can lose weight while you increase your height, wow! What’s not to like about it?

3. Basketball

How to Increase Height After 18

I guess many of us tried this game at middle school or high school, it is time to bring back the game to your daily scheme of things. I always believe sports are the greatest way of staying fit and healthy. You stay competitive, you have fun and you improve your health. There is a fourth reason to start playing basketball, yes you guessed it right, and it improves your height! No wonder the basketball players who play in the competitive game are so tall! Whatever may be your reason for taking up this game, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

4. Cat Stretch

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This is a great workout to open up the spine and strengthen your torso. It stretches your hamstrings and your abdominal region. It also increases the blood circulation. Get down on your hands and knees with your arms locked out. Flex your spine down and breathe out while arching your while putting your head down. Keep your spine at this arched position. Keep your head high and straighten your elbows straight. Touch the ground with your pelvic bone. Ensure your pose lasts for 3 to 8 seconds.

5. Cobra Stretch

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This yoga exercise stretches your spine, ensuring your spine stays supple and flexible. It stimulates the growth of cartilage and increases the height. This is one of the primary poses of yoga and offers deep stretch to your body, especially your torso. Lie on your yoga mat with your face down place your palms on the floor keep them right under the shoulders, make sure your elbows are fixed to your body. Bring your spine up and look upwards. Try to go for 3-4 reps and keep in this position for at least 5-30 seconds.

6. Swimming

Highly Effective Height Increasing Tips

Swimming is a great exercise as it activates the cells to make you taller and is also great for building up your overall fitness. Yes, every single muscle in your body is worked on giving you a lithe and toned appearance. This muscle activation helps increase your height, naturally.

7. Toe Touching

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This looks deceptively easy, but believe you me, it is not as it involves your standing straight and then bending downwards trying to touch your feet. This works on both your back and calf muscles besides your thigh muscles. Don’t bend your knees while you try to touch your toes. Yes, you won’t be able to touch your toes at the first instance but, gradually with practice, you will be able to perfect the pose.

8. Pelvic Lift

Best Exercises To Increase Height

This exercise will remind you of the bridge exercise. Lie down on your mat and bend your knees. Keep your feet shoulder-distance apart. Now, raise your hips, putting the pressure on your feet. Straighten your back, inhale and bring your butt back to the ground. Repeat the exercise several times for great results. This activates the body cells improving your height in the process.

Try these 8 effective exercises to improve your chances of enhancing your height. Regular practice with the right diet plan can help you reach your height goals, just be consistent with your efforts.