Insane Instruments For Musical Nerds Around The World. # 18 Must Be Musically Crazy

Electronic Multi-Instrument_musical instruments

August 30th, 2016   |   Updated on February 21st, 2024

” Music produces a kind of pleasure which human nature cannot do without”- Confucius

Here is a list of insanely musical instruments for music geeks around the world.

1. Drum Set Isolation Booth

Drum Set Isolation Booth_musical instruments

Stop disturbing the peace while you perfect your percussion techniques in your parent’s garage by using the Drum Set Isolation Booth.


2. Four Channel Digital Mixer

Four Channel Digital Mixer

The Xone:DB4 is a truly ground-breaking mixer and by far the most advanced product that Allen & Heath has designed. Every feature has been meticulously researched with a view to offering DJs ultimate creativity. Based on the iLive pro-touring FX system, Allen & Heath developed FX algorithms with BPM conscious parameters and tight spectral control, customized to perfectly fit the DJ environment. As the loops and FX are automatically synchronized to the tempo of the track, it is very easy to build some amazing grooves and soundscapes without problems of latency, low fidelity and the general hassle often associated with using software and laptops. The icing on the cake is the flexible input matrix, where any audio source can be selected on any or all of the channels.

3. Yamaha Silent Guitar

Yamaha Silent Guitar_musical instruments

How cool is this? The Yamaha SLG110N gives you the playing feel of a high-quality nylon-string guitar. And it is, thanks to its comfortable mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard, and maple body. But one look at this innovative instrument, and you know it has something else up its sleeve.


4. Portable Digital Turntable

Portable Digital Turntable_musical instruments

Everything you need to DJ and remix tracks live — in a device not much larger than a smart-phone. Much more than just a controller, the GO-DJ is an intuitive and feature-packed music production studio. Two expressive touch- screens allow you to cut and scratch, work EQ & effects, trigger samples, and make real-time edits with the built-in sequencer.


5. C-3PO Guitar

C-3PO Guitar_musical instruments

Rainy Day Instruments presents …#081 C3PO electric Star Wars Guitar, Nice NEW maple neck with shiny new gold tuners, securely attached to a Classic C3PO collectors case. Action figure case still can open and TALKS! He says 3 different sayings, my favorite is.. (Oh my).


6. Electronic Multi-instrument

Electronic Multi-Instrument_musical instruments

Strum a guitar, bow a violin, tap a piano, loop a beat – on a single instrument. An intuitive way to create music and play any sound.


7. Floating Record Player

Floating Record Player_musical instruments

A high-performance turntable that plays your records vertically through built-in, dynamic, full-range stereo speakers. Get ready to spin vinyl right out of the box.


8. MI Guitar

MI Guitar_musical instruments

MI Guitar is a new type of guitar that you can pick up and play, instantly. We’ve reinvented the fretboard of a traditional guitar so that anyone (including people with no musical training) can play their favorite songs at first sight, or create their own original music­­. Choose from thousands of your favorite songs on our mobile app and have fun playing music in a matter of minutes!


9. Lucite 3-string Electric Guitar

Lucite 3-String Electric Guitar_musical instruments

The Electric Loog is cute and small, but it’s not a toy: it’s a real guitar, made out of real wood and equipped with a screaming pickup that sounds amazing whatever style you play. Because it only has three strings and a narrow neck, it’s easier for small children to form chords and to make sense of what they are playing. All Loog Guitars come unassembled, as we believe that building your own guitar is an experience that helps you bond with the instrument in a deeper level. It is also a bonding experience between parents and their children, who can build their Loog together and share their love of music. Loog Guitars pair with the Loog iOS app filled with video lessons designed to get you playing songs -not just scales or exercises- on day one.


10. Drum Set Stand For Tablets

Drum Set Stand For Tablets

Make sure you never miss a beat by having the drum set stand for your tablet right next to you as you jam out.


11. Analog Rhythm Machine

Analog Rhythm Machine_musical instruments

The volca Beats delivers unforgettably classic sounds with six analogue and four PCM-based drum parts. Instant editing via the intuitive user interface allows users to cut/mix/slice loops on the fly to deliver a devastating analogue rhythm experience.


12. Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Controller

Guitar Wing Wireless 3D Controller_musical instruments

Guitar Wing from Livid Instruments is the world’s first expressive MIDI controller that attaches to the horn of an electric guitar or bass. It connects wirelessly to your computer or mobile device to control your favorite DAW or music creation apps. With expressive pads, touch faders, 3D motion control, and colorful feedback, Guitar Wing allows for software control right at your fingertips. Guitar Wing is adjustable to most any electric guitar or bass and can attach or detach in seconds with a no-scratch rubberized clamp that will not damage the finish on your guitar.


13. Light Up Learn To Play Keyboard

Light Up Learn To Play Keyboard_musical instruments

The LK-100 incorporates the 3-step lesson system to help you learn to play quicker and easier. This unit also features auto accompaniment system to generate complete backgrounds with drums, bass and chord parts with the left hand, while playing melodies and solos with the right hand. Includes 61 Full-Size Illuminated keys, 12 note polyphony, 100 tones, 50 rhythms, 100 tunes, LCD display, dual speakers, 3-step lesson system, microphone jack with volume control for sing along, MIDI, and auto- accompaniment.


14. Cardboard Drum Kit

Cardboard Drum Kit_musical instruments

The cardboard DRUMKIT is acoustic, affordable, easy to carry, store and assemble. Music practice is now accessible to everyone !


15. Giant Piano Mat

Giant Piano Mat_musical instruments

Right out of the movie Big, these incredible virtual piano mats have 24 touch sensitive keys that replicate the sound of eight different instruments. Includes record, playback, and demo modes. Requires four AA batteries. Great on their own, even better with the other floor mat instruments like the drum set and DJ Turn Table in our store! Each unit in colorful printed box ready for gift giving.


16. Portable Turntable

Portable Turntable_musical instruments

Taking the record player “out of the box”, Crosley’s Revolution turntable truly fits the word in every way. It is a turntable of firsts. The first battery-powered Crosley turntable and it’s the first with a platter smaller than a teacup saucer. Where other record players must be kept in their designated place, the Revolution practically begs to join you on every journey.


17. Guitar Key Hammers

Guitar Key Hammers_musical instruments


The Hammer Jammer is a unique, key-hammering device for six-string guitar, which allows players to invent new finger-style patterns and percussive chords, and to play with blazing speed. Hammering techniques available with the Hammer Jammer also provide a useful tool for players with limited finger flexibility.


18. Roll Up Piano

Roll Up Piano_musical instruments

Portable Roll Up Piano Keyboard Be the life of ANY party with this roll up keyboard!The Rollup Piano is the ideal portable electronic instrument.