Unknown Facts And Product You Must Know To Celebrate The International Beer Day

International Beer Day

August 3rd, 2017   |   Updated on March 8th, 2024

International Beer Day, which takes place on Friday 4 August, is almost upon us! And what better way to see in the weekend than with a nice, chilled pint? Beer is the most consumed alcoholic beverage in the world and the third most popular drink after water and tea. Researchers believe that beer is one of the oldest fermented beverages and the oldest known recipe for beer is about 4,000 years old.

On International Beer Day, here are some unknown facts that you must know about beer.

1. The famous beer brand ‘Guinness’ once predicted around 93,000 liters of beer gets mislaid in the beards of Englishmen every year.

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2. The art of brewing a cold one is said to date back an astounding 5,000 years.

3. Brewing has a technical name – Zythology – which is derived from the Greek words ‘zythos’ (which translates to beer) and ‘logos’ (study).

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4. In Texas, they are renowned for serving fried beer at their State Fair.

5. It wasn’t until 1959 that beer became available in a can. This is now one of the most popular ways to drink and transport this timeless beverage.

6. The biggest beer fans in the world are the Czech’s – in fact, they are said to drink the most beer out of any nation. They’re closely followed by Germany and Austria.

7. It’s not only humans that have a tendency for beer. In 2014, a black bear polished off 36 cans shortly before passing out.

8. Both China and the United States of America are the top two beer producing countries in the world. A great deal of our own beer is imported from these nations.

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9. The world’s most pricey beer, Vielle Bon Secours, costs around £700 a pint. If you’d like to sample this delightful beverage, you’ll need to head to Belgium to enjoy it at its best.

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10. Scientists say beer prevents kidney stones. In fact, consuming a bottle a day is said to reduce the risk of inheriting this ailment by up to 40%. If there was ever an excuse to have a cold one, this is it!

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Let’s Check Out 21 Products You Can Buy On Amazon To Celebrate The International Beer Day : 

1. Beer Ammo Bandolier

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Product Review: I bought this for a rock festival I went to where you can wander the campground openly with drinks. The stages on the campground play usually until about 4 AM so this was much needed. Available here $24.99

2. Beer Belly Drinking Sack

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Product Review: Super awesome. Bought this as a white elephant gift along with the wine rack. Everyone loved them. Fun gag gift that could actually be used to keep hydrated.  Available here $29.99

3. Beer Bottle Bong

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Product Review: Bought for my boyfriend, and he cannot get enough of this! loved the carrying case and how smooth the hit was, a little bigger than a one hitter, but has plenty of space to pack it full. very easy to use and feels like the actual thing to him. Available here $89.99

4. Beer Bottle Stein Lid

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Product Review: I am pleasantly surprised by the quality of this little beer bottle stein lid! I bought it as a stocking stuffer for my husband. When he grills outside, he likes to have an adult beverage but is always covering the top of the bottle with foil to prevent any bugs from also enjoying his beverage. Available here $9.99

5. Beer Bottle Icicle

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Product Review: Bought these as a gift for my husband, but stole one for myself. I washed one and put it in the freezer. At the same time, i took a warm bottled soda and put it in the fridge. An hour later, put the chillsner in my still kinda warm soda. Unlike a previous review I had read that states it doesnt make a warm drink colder, for me it did! My soda kept getting colder with every minute that passed. Available here $19.95

6. Beer Bottle Style Baby Bottle

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Product Review: We got this for a friend’s child who starting teething and its a great joke to the only story of put some whiskey on the baby’s teeth. Also we felt bad when going to their house for drinks that he wasn’t able to join in. So this way he not has his own Lil’ Lager and we have ours. Its a great gift and well built. Available here $10.19

7. Beer Cap Maps

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Product Review: Love this!! A great way to display our bottle caps from our travels, which could be a kind of tacky collection if not displayed well. I put it in a frame with some nice matting and it looks great! Available here $75.00

8. Beer Foam Enhancer

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Product Review: Really great way to bring out the flavor of a beer. We have tried it on several different kinds, and its great. Puts a nice head on the beer and brings out aroma. You can only do it about 2 times maybe 3 per beer, as it will make the beer flat if you do it too much. Nice to have and easy to use, especially for multiple people.  Available here $29.99

9. Beer For Dogs

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Product Review: Bowser Beer is a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beer for dogs. All ingredients are healthy and made from scratch. Malt barley for shiney coats and glucosamine for joint health. Packaged in 12 oz. plastic recyclable bottles with re-sealable caps.Available here $16.22

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10. Beer Head Foam Making Mug

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Product Review: Part gag-gift, part “no, really, try it!” Christmas gift for my dad. At first, he was hesitant, because adding more foam to beer is not really what you want, and that’s what the box implies by the photo. And it does foam up a bit, but the real reason to use this is that the mug agitates the beer and makes air bubbles. Available here $11.75

11. Beer Hiding Soda Can Cover

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Product Review: I love these! We took them on vacation and it weeds out the libs you don’t want to talk to lol. My only wish is they were thicker but nonetheless I don’t regret this purchase!! Available here $9.99

12. Beer Holster

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Product Review: Ok, let’s be clear,the holsters are NOT leather, but it’s a good quality fake. The belt itself is a nylon mesh, but it really looks good, and I put two 1 liter bottles (Jameson Black, and Wild Turkey Rye) in it and it worked great. This is a birthday gift for a friend, and I think it’s going to be a big hit Available here $27.95

13. Beer Holster Belt

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Product Review: This bartender costume is fabulous! It looks much more expensive than it was. I liked the quality and I think it will last a long time. Even though they recommended hand washing, I put it in the washer with no problem. I wore it for a Western Murder party and received a lot of compliments. The size large fit was good for a size 12 woman, it would be too small for a man Available here $13.23

14. Beer Keg Stool

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Product Review: This wonderful Chess board drinks cabinet is made from genuine recycled Scottish oak whiskey barrels. The barrels are fully restored and sanded back to give an aged oak look. The chess board which is a vinyl transfer is placed on top and the whole barrel is varnished. Available here $675.00

15. Beer Koozie Necktie

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Product Review: I feel I grew up a lot this year. I turned 31, I got married and I’m just a lot more sophisticated and I needed a hands free drinking apparatus that could match that. The beer tie met those needs. Perfect for business meetings, weddings, funerals. If I catch any flack from the other attendees I simply tell them it was my last clean tie Available here $21.99

16. Beer Koozie Mittens

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Product Review: bought it for my girlfriend for christmas as her hands are always cold. Perfect little gift, shes loves it. too warm for it in the summers here in AZ but she’ll use it all winter and when we go camping up North. Available here $29.99

17. Beer Koozie Thermometer

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Product Review: Drink Through Winxer features flow vents to deliver a smooth and consistent flow from every sip. Winxer Chillers cool down your drink temperature to give you the refreshing taste. Unlike ice cubes, they will not water down your soda pop, beer or any other beverage. Available here $24.99

18. Beer Layering Tool

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Product Review: Got this layering tool for my wife to accompany the Guinness pub glasses I purchased for her. The look of amazement combined with wonder was worth every penny paid for this item. I can only liken this to what it must have been like when man discovered fire. I have one very happy albeit drunk Irish wife. Available here $9.95

19. Beer Making Kit

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Product Review: Girlfriend got this for me on Christmas, I’ve since brewed several batches using the equipment in this kit. Thermometer and carboy arrived intact thankfully. Instructions on the box aren’t specific enough of course, you need to go on brooklyn brew shop’s website and print their highly detailed instructions.  Available here $34.99

20. Beer Mug Bottle Opener

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Product Review: Bought as gift for friend’s birthday. Etched the glass; the mug wall so smooth, it was perfect for etching. Have not tried the bottle opener part of this mug though. Available here $44.48

21. Beer Pong Cup Ball Catcher

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Product Review: really cool concept and it works. seems heavy duty cups so they should last Held the ball in and you could even put a little water in the bottom of the slip cup to add weight or catch the ball even better. Available here $14.99

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