5 Signs It’s Time To Invest In A New Bag

Invest In A New Bag

Published on November 14th, 2022

A much-loved wardrobe item – especially a bag – is hard to let go of.

You carry it around daily and it’s become a trusty accessory for every outfit, particularly when you have something versatile like a black bag. Unfortunately, there comes a time when every handbag might not be the right choice anymore and you may even be wondering if it’s time to part with yours.

If you’re on the fence about purchasing a new bag, read on for 5 tell-tale signs it’s time to invest in a new one.

1. It’s Showing Signs of Damage

A bag that’s falling apart is one of the most common reasons people choose to purchase a new bag.

Even the most high-quality bags are prone to damage after continued use, it just takes some longer than others to wear out. Some common signs of damage are stuck zippers, fraying material, and holes.

Any damage to a bag, even if it’s minor at first, can result in some sticky situations. It’s much easier to lose items when your bag is falling apart. To protect your items and treat yourself a bit, invest in a new bag if yours is damaged.

2. It Doesn’t Function for Your Needs

Our needs are ever-changing and if you have a bag that worked perfectly for you in the past, that doesn’t mean it still functions to your current needs.

For example, as a single person, a small crossbody satchel may have worked very well for your needs.

But if you become a mother, that same bag may not do the trick anymore because you require something larger to carry items for your kids, in which case a tote bag would be more effective.

If your current bag isn’t working for you and you still love it, you don’t necessarily need to give it up.

If it isn’t showing signs of damage, keep it around in case it can serve a purpose later down the road. But don’t force yourself to use a bag that isn’t working for you. Find a new purse that works much better with your lifestyle.

3. It’s No Longer Your Style

Personal style is not necessarily set in stone and it’s perfectly okay to experience a change in your look.

You may have a bag that doesn’t match the current look you are dressing in and you want a bag that closely exemplifies your personal style. Don’t continue to carry around a bag that doesn’t make you feel like you.

You might feel guilty for getting rid of a perfectly good bag but if it’s not something you love to wear, don’t stress. With your new look in mind, shop for a bag that will complement your new wardrobe.

4. The Bag is Not Trendy Anymore

Shopping to go along with trends seems fun at the moment, but most trends aren’t everlasting.

If you purchased a trendy bag and the look has gone out of style, don’t force yourself to continue carrying it around if you don’t want to.

Shop for a new bag that has a more classic appearance, such as a black bag, that you won’t have to worry about needing to replace. Your old bag, while it may be out of style now, could come back as trends historically resurge.

If you love it and want to hold onto it, keep it in your closet in case the trend finds its way into style again.

5. It Doesn’t Suit Your Lifestyle

As you grow and evolve, things in your life can change, which is often a good thing. Sometimes, the purse you have doesn’t make sense for a new stage in your life.

If you are getting into a professional career, you might want a basic black bag that showcases your professionalism.

If you’ve been carrying around an animal print bag for the past few years, it may be time to buy a new bag that more closely exudes that professional look you’re going for.

If you have an expensive designer bag you’ve been using for years and you become a mom, you may not want to risk damaging such an investment piece.

A quality, durable bag may better suit your needs as a busy mom so consider shopping for a new bag that you can rely on to last and won’t be too upsetting if it gets ruined.


Shopping for an investment piece can seem a bit daunting but if you have a need for a new bag, it’s not a frivolous spend. Hop off the fence and make the decision now to find a new bag that you can love.

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