5 Last Minute Gift Ideas For Your Fiancée’s Birthday

Love Letter In A Bottle

July 1st, 2018   |   Updated on March 6th, 2019

So, it is you and her forever and ever, ‘till death do you part!

But, wait, while you are busy preparing for the big date when both of you will need to do your vows in front of the Lord Almighty, you just simply forget that it is the day of her birth tomorrow or possibly this week and you have not prepared a wonderful gift for the most amazing women in your life. Good Lord!

Affordable Gift Ideas

Well, before you beat yourself and ask just what kind of fiancé you are to forget a very important day, allow me to help you come up with the most amazing, most romantic last minute gift ideas for the woman of your life.

Here are 5 last-minute DIY gift ideas that will make your fiancée swoon on her birthday:

1. Love Letter In A Bottle

Love Letter In A Bottle

From the film “Message in a Bottle”, I give you a romantic gift idea to give to the woman of your life— a love letter in a bottle.

In a world where e-mails and text messages and chatting dominate, there is nothing more romantic and swoon-worthy gift than a handwritten love letter filled with all the love and passion in a DIY bottle.

Fill a whole special paper or two with every loving word and the thoughts that come to your mind from the very first time you saw her until this very moment. Then, roll it and put it in a decorated bottle.

Not only it will make her smile, but it will also make her feel really special and lucky to have a guy like you in her life.


2. A Hundred Reason Jar

Speaking of letters, this is another perfect last-minute DIY gift that you can give your fiancée on her very special day.

A hundred reason jar is quite similar to a love letter in a bottle, but this one does not contain a single really long love letter. Instead, it has a hundred small pieces of colorful paper with each piece having a handwritten reason as to why you love her.

The idea of this gift is to make her read a single piece of paper every day and remind her as to why you choose her to be your wife.

The number of paper pieces depends on you or if you want you can use the number of remaining days before your big day, so she can read all of them before your wedding.


3. Personalized Gifts

Personalized Gifts

From cushions, pillows, as well as blankies to frames, mugs, cell phone cases or keychain, personalized gifts are a wonderful instant gift for your fiancée.

You can add sweet pictures or add a personalized romantic message in whatever item you choose and it will still put a smile on her face. Also, this personalized gift items can be displayed or even prove useful to her making it a very practical gift to give your fiancée.

Much better, you can have a matching pair of the item for the ultimate couple goals!


4. A Date Night In A Beautiful Dress

For this gift idea, you can pretend that you really forgot about her special day (which you almost did).

And while you seemingly pretend that you have no idea what day is it, go to the mall and find her the most beautiful dress you can find. Before evening comes, leave the dress you brought in her front door together with a note instructing her to wear then and that you will come to pick her up.

Of course, it is up to you to pick a restaurant or make it a home date if you want. This romantic gift idea will make any woman feel special.


5. Gift Hamper

Gift Hamper

Whether you brought it or put it together, biltong hampers are the perfect last-minute gift you can give to your soon-to-be wife.

With unlimited possibilities and items you can put together, from chocolate and candies if she has a sweet tooth, kitchen ingredient, and tools if she is training to be a lovable housewife, to skin and beauty products to pamper herself before the big day or a basket full of her favorite plushies to unleash her inner child.

You can also go for flower hampers. Here are some great examples for flower arrangements available in Pretoria, South Africa to give you a few ideas.

Whatever it is, surely you can find or make the perfect one for your fiancée’s birthday.