30 Lessons We Can Learn From My Past Relationships

Life Lessons

October 5th, 2017   |   Updated on April 18th, 2023

The magical thing about lessons in life is that you learn something new every day.

Some of these lessons you learn are small. And some others, well, they can help you change your life forever.

With every failure or heartbreak that you experience, there’s a lesson to learn from it.

Most of us are so distraught by the failures of everyday life, that we fail to see the bright side of our own failures.

One of the most surprising things We’ve learn about life is that there seems to be a profound difference between understanding and experiencing.

Life lessons you need to learn before that will make a difference in your life.

1. I am not what people believe me to be. I am not the words people say about me.

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2. I am not as bad as other people made me out to be.

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3. I have become my own person now. Even when I have you in bed, I have learned to sleep by myself.

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4. Two things can make people fall in love with you: great sex and an even greater taste in music.

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5. I can cook! Jesus, god, this is a miracle.m flavor.

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6. Even the people we love can be cruel towards us. And sometimes love sounds like a gunshot in a locked room. It shouldn’t be this violent.

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7. Nobody else is capable of loving me as honestly as I can myself.

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8. You’re wrong. Somebody else will love me, somebody else does.

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9. Every person we’ve loved unconsciously gave us a piece of our personality. We are the people who leave us.

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10. Saltwater heals all wounds. Especially when there’s surfing involved.

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11. Unless when ordering food, it is in our best interest to wait for no one.

12. Sometimes you have to run away to feel at home again.

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13. The one that got away will eventually come back. When he knocks, don’t open the door. It was shut for a reason.


14. It is possible to love two people simultaneously.

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15. You gotta go through shit before you discover what gold feels like.

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16. Drugs exist because of escapism and it tastes like spun sugar dipped in bile. It was not the horror stories my mother told me about.

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17. The world is not unfair.

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18. Money isn’t everything.

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19. Life is no fun unless you take chances.


20. You will never ever be satisfied in life.

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21. Love yourself.


22. Your future is in your hands alone.

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23. Take a decision.

important lessons in life

24. Don’t blame another person.

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25. Have principles in life.

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26. Trust your instincts.

lessons to learn in life

27. Your life is nothing but a collection of memories.

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28. Coincidences happen all the time.

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29. Relationships are a barter system.

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30. It’s very easy to give your heart way.

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