4 Tips To Help You Maintain Your Timber Flooring


Published on August 15th, 2018

Wooden flooring is a great addition to any property. You can be sure that it will last long and offer you many benefits. Maintaining this flooring option is key to ensuring this long service.

When you do not treat your wooden floor right, it will lose its lustre soon, and may even get severe damage. Knowing how to care for your timber floors will help you enjoy having them on your property.

A professional wooden floor cleaning expert will offer you tips on what you need to do on a daily basis to ensure proper care. The goal of all the efforts you put into maintaining the floor is to protect it from damage.

Having this knowledge places you in a more proactive position when it comes to the care of your wooden floors. The following tips are just some of the basic things you should do.


1. Know the safe products you can use to clean the floors

Maintain Your Timber Flooring

Some cleaning products will strip the protective wax on your flooring and expose it to damage. Experts recommend the use of a microfiber mop or such other cloth that effectively picks the dirt and debris without the need for using a wet mop.

This effectively cleans the timber floors without exposing them to the risk of damage by use of wrong cleaning products. Regular vacuuming will also do the trick, and allow the lifting of the dust without the need to mop with damp mops.


2. Protect from scratching

Protect from scratching

Use throw rugs and other protectors in areas that have a lot of traffic. You can also use carpeting in the busy areas. This protects the timber flooring from losing its finish, and from high heels and other objects that can scratch the floor.

Placing a welcome mat at the entrance limits the dirt and debris making its way on to the floor. The dirt and debris can cause scratching as well. Using protectors under the legs of furniture and not dragging heavy objects across the floor is also useful.


3. Let professionals handle the deep cleaning

Let professionals handle the deep cleaning

Do not wait until the protective finish has stripped away before applying more. Call in the professionals for sanding and polishing services. They will effectively sand the floors and polish them to an even finish. Sanding and polishing services are vital for the maintenance of timber floors as they enhance their protection.

Allowing experts to handle this ensures that you obtain great results. Your floors will always look their best at all times, and have effective protection. The experts have the expertise to carry out this service safely.


4. Protect from moisture risks

Protect from moisture risks

Moisture is the number one enemy of timber floors. Therefore, you need to protect the floors from this moisture at all times. Waxing or polishing provides a veneer of protection. You should also wipe off any water that gets to the floor as soon as possible.

Ensure taps and other water points do not cause any flooding as this will cause extensive damage to the wooden flooring. Use humidifiers during seasons with risk of high humidity that may cause the wooden floorings to swell.