5 Items That You Need To Manage Your Diabetes


October 28th, 2019   |   Updated on March 5th, 2020

To manage diabetes, you should have all the essential tools. We will review a few essentials that you should always have in your home. The diabetic lancets are the most important since you need to constantly inject insulin to control blood sugar.

To avoid pain, you may opt for painless lancets available in various outlets. With proper care and medication, you can live a more enjoyable life even if you have diabetes.

Here are 5 Items that you need to manage your diabetes

1. Glucose Monitor


You need to track the blood sugar levels constantly. Your doctor may review the results and use such observations to give you the right treatment. You may review the results on the insulin pump or the small monitor. Results will help you know when your sugar spikes.

It can help you to know what foods to avoid or activities that spike blood sugar. Exercises and sleep may affect the sugar levels too. Using a glucose monitor can help you monitor the pattern and ensure that your blood sugar remains at the right levels.

2. Lancets

For success in managing diabetes, you need lancets. You should test blood samples regularly for glucose levels. Lancets pierce your skin so that you can draw some blood for testing.

Modern lancets are painless and easy to use. Some lancets hurt more. You should review various lancets in the market to get the best.

Remember to use lancet only once. You may get an infection from reusing one. Again, after the first use, it becomes blunt. A blunt lancet is more painful than using a new one. Test strips are also essential and you should have enough stock at all times.

3. Sharps Container

Sharps Container

Disposal of lancets and test strips should be done well, Hygiene is very important at home. It can help to prevent accidents at home too. After using the lancets, they should be put in sharp containers.

One can also improvise hard plastic bottles. You may put the lancets in the hard-plastic bottles first before throwing it into the trash.

4. Smart Devices And Apps

You need to have apps on your smart device to help you track calories consumed and those that you burn through exercises. You may also write down the results form the monitor but this is tedious.

Through various apps, you can still monitor your stress levels and blood sugar test results. Such information is important in controlling blood sugar.

5. Tablet Holder And Pill Organizer

Pill Organizer

You need to get a pill organizer in your home. It makes it easier to know the dosage and reach out to medication as per the doctors’ instructions.

In case you are traveling, it is a good idea to get a tablet holder. It will be easier to pack medication, putting it in your purser will also be easier.

The above items will help you to manage diabetes. Remember to also eat healthily. Regular exercises will also help to control weight. Reading reviews of diabetes management can also help.

Joining social media platforms that discuss diabetes management or support groups can help you to get some tips on diabetes management too.

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