Different Kinds Of Military Challenge Coins Explained

Military Challenge Coins

Published on March 23rd, 2023

Quick question: have you said “thank you for your service” lately?

Whether it’s Veteran’s Day or any other day, we should never forget to show our gratitude to those who served in the military. But there’s also another great way to show your appreciation for any veterans whom you might know.

You want to gift them military challenge coins. What are military challenge coins, you ask?

This short article will explain the different kinds of challenge coins and how to gift one to any veterans whom you know.

Here’s what you must know:

Military Challenge Coins Celebrate All Service

The great thing about military challenge coins is that they can celebrate any form of service. If you know a veteran who served in the Air Force, there are Air Force coins you can gift them.

These challenge coins will reflect the appropriate military branch. They can also indicate the specific squadron or division that the veteran served in. They can even list the name of the war(s) they served in. Just as veterans cherish their medals, they’ll also cherish their challenge coins.

Components of Military Challenge Coins

Now let’s look at how to create a custom military challenge coin. These challenge coins range in size, often between 1 to 2 inches in diameter.

They’re often made of metal with stainless steel, gold, and silver being the most popular options. Often, you can present a military challenge coin in a plastic capsule or leather pouch. These are the best ways to protect it from damage or loss.

Inscriptions on the challenge coins can be minimalistic. They’ll have the graphics and text engraved on them. Others will have more colors on them and more symbols such as the American Flag or American Eagle.

In most cases, a challenge coin is round. Sometimes, they’ll have unique shapes such as a pyramid or square. Other times they’ll have a small ring to work as a keychain. Or they’ll have an opening so they can double as a bottle opener.

How Military Challenge Coins Work

The most common use of military challenge coins is that they serve as a “password” for meetups. Veterans often meet at private functions and the challenge coin is what permits them entry.

This is a tradition that has existed since at least the First World War. Veterans old and new hold onto their challenge coins to remember their service. It’s a great way for them to network and build friendships after they complete their service.

If you want to show appreciation to the veterans in your community, this is the way to do it.

Gift Military Challenge Coins

Now you know what military challenge coins are and how they make a difference in a veteran’s life.

They celebrate any branch of service. They’ll show the seal of the particular military branch and other insignia. You can choose any type of metal and size for the challenge coins.

These military challenge coins are used for veterans to meet each other. It’s a great tradition that should continue for generations to come.

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