The 10 Most Weight Loss Friendly Foods – For Faster Weight Loss And Better Diet Plan


January 3rd, 2018   |   Updated on April 15th, 2024

The Journey of being fit starts from Gym but journey to lose weight starts from the kitchen. Here is the list of 10 most weight loss friendly foods, things you should include in your diet plan order to lose weight faster.


1. Egg

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It contains more protein which helps to trick snack attacks when you start feeling grappled during the day. You can begin your day with omelets and feel full right away. In case you are including boiled egg in your diet, try to avoid egg yolks.

2. Porridge Oats

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It has minimal Glycemic that implies the carbohydrates discharges into the blood stream quite moderately, aiding you to avoid food cravings by keeping an individual level of energy sustained.

3. Salad

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Having a saucer full of salad prior and in between main meals makes you eat less and also control cravings for junk.

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4. Cucumber

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Cucumber is one of the most popular and best weight loss foods you can easily avail. With their astonishing benefits, it is sure part of salad everywhere. They make you feel full with a perfect amount of calorie intake.

5. Celery

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It is hugely identified as weight-loss food. You can burn up a lot of calories by eating celery, plus it has high nutritional value as well.

6. Apple

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It can control weight gain, however, only if you chew freshly peeled slices and not the juice and applesauce. The one who eat apple prior meals intake lesser calories than the one who consumes different snacks.

7. Green Tea

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This powerful beverage incorporates several well-being benefits, and the best thing is which it can aid painless weight-loss. It is a perfect pre-workout drink as it intensifies your endurance for about 24%.

8. Red Peppers

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Red Peppers has many advantages. Having Red peppers for breakfast can provide you a blazing weight-loss boost. It is capsaicin which is found in red peppers as well as chilies that do the trick here.

9. Soups

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Make a habit of beginning your meals with a cup of soup prepared with the help of fresh veggie. If you are non-vegetarian, it is better to have broth-based soup as it will surely make you feel full; hence, you end up in eating less.

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10. Dark Chocolate

best foods to eat to lose weight

Now it is in trend to munch on dark chocolate prior meals to lose extra pounds. A new study links to eating chocolate to lower rates of heart disease as well.

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