The Meaning Behind Your Mother’s Day Flowers

Mother’s Day Flowers

February 17th, 2021   |   Updated on April 26th, 2023

Mom, Mama, Mam, Mum, Ma…there are many names for our mothers. We celebrate them all on May 9th, otherwise known as Mothering Sunday––or more specifically––Mother’s day.

Every year, following the red rose-laden event of Valentine’s day, and the lily-laden times of easter, sons, and daughters worldwide look to celebrate their maternal parent(s) with gifts of flowers for their mothers.

There is no real traditional flower for Mother’s day (except, perhaps, gifting your mother’s favorite flower).

However, have you ever stopped to consider any other significant meaning behind the flowers you give to your parent as a token of your gratitude and affection? Different flowers have different meanings, so let us explore them and see if you can incorporate them into your decision-making when deciding what to gift your mom/mama/mam/mum/ma for Mother’s day.

The Colors Of The Flowers Are Important Too

The best part about giving the gift of flowers for any occasion is that there is no such thing as the perfect flower.

There may be a popular choice depending on the event––Valentine’s Day is synonymous with red roses––but generally speaking, the best option is down to the receiver’s tastes.

Flowers come in a whole host of different colors, however, and when it comes to choosing particular ones as a gift, there may be extra meaning behind the shade you desire.

When it comes to it, there are a variety of different flowers that you can choose, but it is a good idea that you consider your Mother’s Day flower colors meaning first.

From there, you can draw out how these colors provide a different symbolism and use this as the perfect opportunity to really put show your appreciation for motherhood in the other messages your mother’s day bouquet will give.

Marigolds, California Poppies, Orange Roses, And More

There are plenty of other types of orange flowers that can be included in this list, but ultimately it is the color that is the focus.

Orange carries a feeling of warmth about them, and gifting flowers of these color are the perfect way to demonstrate that you recognize your mother’s passion, excitement, and enthusiasm. Of all of the orange-esque flowers available, the Marigold is most widely known for its golden appearance and its versatile use.

Using different orange shades will also really highlight the golden nights of late spring/early summer, which Mother’s Day falls on.

Lavender, Lillies, Violets: Purple Tones

For many years, purple was a color associated with royalty and regality as rulers would wear garments adorned in it.

Though the color’s meaning may have changed in fabrics, for flower meanings, purple represents success, dignity, and admiration.

Their appearance mirrors that of amethyst crystals, of which the connotation of healing and beauty is not lost. A mother figure in history has been considered, if nothing else, as a soother of pain.

Lavender is more commonly known for the relaxing scent that it gives off, and derivatives often help people to relax at nighttime.

Though a bouquet including them would be pleasing to the eye, it would be nice to have another function for your gift as well.

Chrysanthemums: Pastel Greens

This is an obvious choice for the green-fingered nature-loving mother. Pastel-colored flowered, such as the green chrysanthemums, are always a popular choice, as their longevity makes them a feature both on the mantle and in the garden for the time that follows. Chrysanthemums even have the word ‘mum’ in the name!

Peonies and Sunflowers: Pink and Yellow

Nothing says happiness like a field of sunflowers, which is why their vibrant yellow is so distinctive.

Similarly, the bold pink of a peony also carries that connotation but adds a dash of love and gentleness to it too. Yellow and pink roses also achieve that same message when put together.

However, when it all comes down to it, it’s mother’s day. Your mother is probably represented by all colors of the flowers and more.

So why not splash out, and get her a mother’s day bouquet of different color carnations, roses, lilies, and all other flowers you can think of.

Head to Bouqs today and put together a gift she won’t forget, with an added emphasis on the meaning behind each petal.