7 Natural Hair Regrowth Tips For Men

Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

Published on January 30th, 2019

Are you suffering from hair loss and looking for ways to natural ways for regrowth?

If so, you aren’t alone!

Approximately 56 million people in the United States experience symptoms of hair loss. Hair loss impacts an estimated 35 million males and 21 million females, and it can happen at any age.

Natural Ways To Prevent Hair Loss

But despite these facts and figures, there are ways you can help stimulate the regrowth of your hair!

Read on to learn the 7 natural hair regrowth tips for men.


1. Coconut Milk

Cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil_Foods

Coconut milk is becoming an increasingly more popular beverage across the nation.

But you may be surprised to learn that it is also one of the most effective things to use to stimulate hair growth.

You can regrow hair with coconut milk because it is high in essential fats, iron, and potassium. During your next trip to the grocery store, buy a fresh coconut and take out the milk.

Mix the milk with the juice from half of a freshly squeezed lemon and four drops of essential lavender oil. After you mix it, you should put it on your scalp for approximately four to five hours.


2. Apple Cider Vinegar


One of the natural ways to regrow hair is by keeping a healthy pH balance of your hair.

Fortunately, apple cider vinegar naturally helps you do this on your scalp. Take 75 milliliters and add it to one liter of water. Mix it well and apply it to your scalp after you have washed your hair.

Not only does apple cider vinegar help you grow hair, but it also helps it shine too.


3. Fenugreek


Fenugreek is a natural herb with no shortage of health benefits, including hair regrowth.

It is often used to treat constipation, an upset stomach, and to soothe muscle pains. But it’s more about how it can treat hair loss than anything else.

That’s because this herb is rich in nicotic acid and proteins that help stimulate hair growth. But how can you use it for this purpose?

Take one tablespoon of Fenugreek and add it to water. Then put this mix into a grinder until it turns into a smooth paste substance. From there, add some coconut oil to the paste put it on your scalp.

After it has been on your scalp for half an hour, add a mild shampoo before rinsing your hair.


4. Indian Gooseberry

Sometimes what to use for hair growth may surprise you. At least that’s probably the case for Indian gooseberry.
This is a fruit, also known as ambla, which is full of nutrients that help promote the regrowth of your hair. Pick up some amla powder at the store and mix two teaspoons of it with two teaspoons of lime juice.

Apply it to your scalp but do not rinse it right away. Instead, you should let it sit on your scalp until it dries.

Afterward, you can rinse it off of your scalp with warm water.


5. Onion Juice

You can regrow hair by using onion juice in a unique way.

Onion juice is often used in food recipes but it also one of the best natural ways to stimulate hair growth.

That’s because onion juice contains large amounts of sulfur. The sulfur content promotes the production of collagen in the tissues of your scalp. In turn, this allows you to re-grow your hair.

Begin by cutting some slices of onion and squeezing them to collect the juice. Then put it on your head for 10 to 15 minutes, covering your entire scalp.

Afterward, rinse it off thoroughly and dry your hair.


6. Green Tea

Green Tea_Foods

Green tea is one of the most popular drinking teas in the world.

That’s because green tea is made from leaves loaded with nutrients and natural flavor. But besides being a great beverage served hot or cold, green tea can be used to promote natural regrowth of your hair.

After you finish seeping your green tea bags, set them aside. Use them again to seep in warm water to create another mixture of green tea. Then apply this to your entire scalp and let it stay there for one hour.

When you wash it off with cool water, your scalp will feel refreshed. Over time, this will encourage the natural growth of your hair, too.


7. Egg Masks

Two egg whites

Eggs are often eaten as part of a hearty breakfast to start a day. But the truth is that besides being tasty to eat, eggs are also a perfect option for helping you promote natural hair growth.

Eggs are so effective for preventing hair loss because they contain iodine, iron, phosphorus, selenium, and zinc. They also have large amounts of protein which can help form new strands of hair, too.

Separate your egg from the egg white to take your first step in making this mix. Add that to one teaspoon of olive oil in a bowl with honey and begin to stir it up thoroughly.

This will mix into a paste that you then apply to your scalp for 20 minutes. After it has sat on your scalp for the required time, add some shampoo to your scalp and rinse it and the egg mask off of your head with cool water.


Wrapping Up: Start Natural Hair Regrowth Today

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Losing your hair can be an unpleasant and embarrassing thing for you to face as you grow older.

The good news is that there are natural ways to help you reverse some of the hair loss you have experienced. But finding the most effective natural hair growth option for you means taking time to try different things on your scalp.

It’s also important for you to keep in mind that you need to be patient during this process. Typically, you need to stick to using these natural methods regularly before you will begin to see new hair growth.

One way to help jump-start your natural hair regrowth is by starting one of these options today!

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