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How To Keep Your Skin Healthy And Attractive

Wash Your Face

November 26th, 2018   |   Updated on June 30th, 2022

The skin is the largest organ in our body. At the same time, it is the only organ that is exposed to outside influences. This means that there are many things that can harm it. When someone’s skin is not in proper shape, he or she will look older and unhealthy. This is why everyone needs to take care of their skin.

On the other hand, properly maintained skin can make a person look younger so it’s really a double-edged sword. So, to prevent your skin from deteriorating prematurely and to stay as young as possible, you need to take matters into your own hands.

Here are the things you need to do to keep your skin healthy and looking good.

Perfect Skin Care Routine

Avoid Dehydration Like The Plague

Dehydration affects your skin

Water affects our skin in great measure. If you drink enough water and stay hydrated, it will show on your skin as it will look healthy. On the other hand, if you are not hydrated, that will also show on the skin. Over 60% of our body is water and it is very important for our well-being, this also includes our skin.

The risk for a lot of skin conditions is also increased with the lack of water. Water helps the skin combat them. When your skin is dehydrated, it will have severe consequences and might get damaged so hard that it will take you years to fix them.

Bear in mind that the skin can get dehydrated regardless of your water intake from various external factors such as ACs, sun, exhaustion etc.

Avoid Overexposure To Sunlight

Avoid overexposure to sunlight

The majority of the visible deficiencies on your face skin are caused by excessive exposure to the sun. The UV rays emitted by the sun are the ones that are causing your wrinkles, spots, pigmentation, texture degradation, lower elasticity, and other aging signs.

This is why so many people look noticeably different in regards to their age even though they are not. The sunlight affects your skin on all layers and it can be really harmful.

Get Skin Care Products That Work For You

Good skin care products

Dehydration and sun exposure are things that can’t be avoided sometimes and nobody expects you to leave your life by never going out, drinking, or entering a room with air conditioning. This is why there is a variety of skin care products that allow you to live your life while at the same time taking care of your skin properly.

These products include skin creams, moisturizers, lotions, exfoliators, face masks, and many others. Look for suppliers of these kinds of products and go through their product reviews to see if they are reliable or not. At the same time, make sure to consult your dermatologist and find the right combination of products for your skin.

Quit Smoking, Drinking Alcohol And Avoid Sleepless Nights

Smoking and skin care

Even though there are certain habits that you cannot impact and change, there are lifestyle choices that can be changed to help you improve your skin health. Regular sleep, and avoiding alcohol and cigarettes will make your skin look better. When we sleep, our body gets the proper rest it needs and rejuvenates as a whole – this includes the skin as well.

Smoking is harmful for many reasons, but it also affects the skin as well and damages it in many ways.

  1. Smoking robs your skin of oxygen.
  2. Smokers have broken capillaries; smokers also have uneven skin tones and redness
  3. Collagen and elastin break down at a higher speed, leading to premature aging
  4. Squinting and pursing your lips causes increased lines around the mouth and brows
  5. Smokers get lower levels of vitamin- in the skin, which ultimately causes dry skin

It makes it saggy, hastens the aging of the skin, causes skin cancer, can cause psoriasis, and many other negative effects. Alcohol dehydrates your whole body and especially your skin and this is why it is also a harmful habit.

Wash Your Face On A Regular Basis

Wash up face in warm water

One of the things you need to do is to wash your face regularly to ensure that all of the dead skin cells fall off and let your new skin breathe properly. However, using the Premier Dead Sea mud mask on a regular basis can also hydrate your skin and give it the nurturing ingredients it needs to look rejuvenated and healthy.

You can also use exfoliators and cleansers to clean your face even better. This is especially important if you put on makeup and other skin care products. You always need to make sure that there isn’t any debris left on your face as it will clutter your skin. Remember to find good skin care product providers. We saw that Premier Dead Sea gets great reviews online.

These are the essentials for taking care of your skin. Make sure that you get your habits in order and find the right skin care products and you will look young and fresh.

Understand The Difference Between A Day and Night Cream

Night creams for skin care

Creams you apply in the morning protect you from environmental aggressors; on the other hand, night creams repairs any damage you usually pick up with ingredients like retinol.

Many day creams contain antioxidants that fight against pollution-based free radicals. Sunscreen is one of the most widely used day creams that give you protection from harmful UV rays. Many people think that they don’t need night creams as they don’t have to worry about Sun rays or any other environmental factors.

Night creams are as important as day creams. Moisture levels usually dip in the evening. Night creams replenish moisture levels with emollients

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