What Are The Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring

February 2nd, 2018   |   Updated on April 23rd, 2024

Spring is very wet, the growth of bacteria is also very fast, is the season of skin allergies phenomenon most likely to produce, how to do skin care in winter? The following will share you the correct skin care methods in spring, master the eight spring skincare common sense.

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1. Moisturizing

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring

In spring air humidity, will be relatively high, but the spring breeze also will take away the water on face, and the skin with sufficient water will become healthy, can resist the erosion of bacteria, so moisturizing is necessary.


2. Oil-control

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring1

Due to the improvement of air humidity, our skin blood vessels, and pores will also expand, and sebum secretion is strong, it is prone to clog pores, so in the spring, we do not use skin care products with too high oil, to keep the face fresh.


3. Vitamin supplements

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring2

the supplement of the skin vitamin A can repair skin, improve the skin’s immune system, can improve keratosis condition and resist bacillus invasion. Furthermore, we need to add more vitamin B6 and vitamin B2, can improve excessive secretion of sebum.


4. Facial massage

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring5

Every day insists on doing facial massage, can make an aging cell of the skin surface fall off promptly, improve the dull spring complexion, and also can promote the facial blood circulation. Note that the before massage, be sure to clean the skin and hands.


5. Choose skin care products

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring4

As the above said, we want to use skin care products with low-fat ingredients, the oil is too high can easily lead to blockage of the pores, skin care products such as vitamins, lemon vegetarian, milk-based nutrition. Skin care products with these ingredients will not affect the normal metabolism of the skin, also can provide nutrition to the skin, it is good to pay attention to smear a thin layer.


6. Indoor ventilation

Right Ways To Do Skin Care In Spring3

In spring, if indoor is not ventilation, it will breed a lot of bacteria, so that the skin will be infected, so keep indoor ventilation is very important. Homes and offices must ensure to open windows to be ventilation twice a day, at least 10 minutes every time preferably can form air convection, the best ventilation time is after sunrise and before sunset.


7. Diet

Healthy Diet

In spring we often have dry mouth phenomenon, so should pay special attention to the diet, very easy to get inflamed, and some food we should eat less, such as fish, shrimp, crab, mutton and so on, try to less eat spicy and stimulating food, and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits.


8. Prevent allergically

natural diet

Many people will be an allergy in the spring, especially for outdoors pollen and plant. Therefore, people with allergies should avoid going too large blooming flowers, once happen pollen allergy, need to do timely treatment, and take anti-allergy drugs under the guidance of doctors.


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