There is No Quick fix to Depression

Quick To Fix Depression

Published on June 27th, 2017

The idea that you can wish away your depression if you are under the grips of truly clinical depression is preposterous. It doesn’t go away magically as soon as you snap your fingers. There are no simple solutions like think positively or just flip a switch because depression has a clinical basis to it.

Those who experience depression know that mythical solutions are just that – mythical. Those who have not experienced the pangs of depression may never realize perhaps that quick fixes are as mythical as Golden Mountain.



Each case of depression is also unique to the case. While one recommended medication could work in someone, the same medication might aggravate the condition in others. Many people even forego medication entirely in their trial and error like a search for solutions including experimenting with different therapists or psychiatrists. Try as hard as you may, you cannot simply discover a quick solution, and that is the hard part of depression.


Depression Reduced by Medicine

Depression comes with the paradoxical characteristic that you may be feeling empty within but you try to convince the rest of the world that you are full. It is like wanting to change the channel within your brain but you have no clue to the remote lost somewhere.

Depression Due to Paradoxical Characteristic


Depression makes you numb, as numb as novocaine shot of the dentist assimilating into your entire being. Depression makes you doubt yourself worth and convinces you to the core that the world will be a better place without you, but that is not at all true.

Doubting Yourself Sign of Depression

There is a physical pain in depression. You are constantly fatigued and your muscles ache and you feel weighed down by heaviness. You feel constantly sleepy weighed down by fatigue and you are still tired when you wake up.

Physical Pain Due to Depression

When under the powerful grips of depression, all you want is to feel normal and those under depression are not faking it or wanting attention but they have a real reason for their behavior you may not comprehend easily. It’s like an entity overpowering you but you have no clue to how to fight it out.


Depressed Man

If you can do nothing about it, the best you can still do is to commiserate with the suffering of those who are struggling with it each day and making through another day is a huge accomplishment that should be applauded. Those who are suffering it are brave because they are living with it each day and each moment.