Time To Organise Your Work Christmas Party?

August 20th, 2018   |   Updated on August 27th, 2018

It may still be several months until Christmas however planning a work party to celebrate the festive season is much less stressful if you do it early. The sooner you do it means the more time you have to plan and the more likely a venue will be available.

If you are given the task of organising your work Christmas party, it can be hard to come up with good ideas. Here are a few unique office party solutions to help you get started.

Ten pin bowling – Even if you’re not very good, everyone loves ten pin bowling. It is a fun activity to perform and because most people don’t go regularly, it creates a lot of enjoyment for your staff.

The Party Time

The bowling in Melbourne CBD offers packages for corporate events which include a 3 hour private section, gourmet canapes, cocktails and a bowling competition with prizes and photos.

Party in the park – If you’ve been working in an office all year, a relaxing party in the park can be just what the doctor ordered! A professionally organised garden party will turn your Christmas function into an enjoyable day with delicious food, lovely music, garden furniture and an unlimited supply of chilled beers and wine.

All the workers will be able to enjoy one of Melbourne’s majestic gardens and partake in activities such as bocce, jenga, tug of war and a sack race.

Organise Your Work Christmas Party

Boat cruises – Sometimes hiring a venue can be a hassle. And you might get stuck with other patrons and have to spend time waiting to get food or drinks.

A boat cruise eliminates those problems and you get your own private venue – on the water! Williamstown Charters Christmas Parties include a 3 hour party cruise on Melbourne’s waterways such as the Yarra River, Maribyrnong and Port Phillip Bay.

Boat captain Mick has been sailing the vessel for over 10 years and work Christmas parties are his favourite events. Everyone is laid back and in the mood for a good relaxed time.

You can bring your own food or get a meal catered including pasta, roast, steak, chicken wings or sandwiches. And you can bring your own alcohol to the work function which will save you money as you can buy in bulk.

Bubble soccer – This activity requires a bit of physical fitness so if your staff are comprised mainly of 60 year olds then it probably isn’t for you.

But if you are looking for something a bit different which will give the team a good laugh then bubble soccer is worth exploring. Such a Christmas party idea will also work as a team building activity as staff need to work together to get the ball through the net.

And the big catch is they are all dressed up in big bubble suits.  Such a package involves a private event where you can have multiple matches, a premium bbq lunch and plenty of alcoholic drinks.

Pizza making challenge – Everyone loves pizza right? Then why not get your workmates to roll up their sleeves for a real hands-on experience of making pizza.

Organise Your Work Christmas Party_1

This Christmas party idea involves creativity, decision making and team work. And at the end of it, everyone gets a delicious home-made pizza to enjoy. Along with wine to top things off.

No matter what your background, organising a work Christmas function doesn’t have to be hard. If you leave yourself plenty of time and think outside the box, you can organise a party that your whole office will love.