20 Personal Questions To Ask Your Significant Other To Know Them Deeper

Personal Questions To Ask Your

February 17th, 2021   |   Updated on May 9th, 2023

Asking right questions to your significant other is the most important thing to build trust in relations. You need to go beyond ‘How are you?’, and ask deeply personal questions to know them who they are. We have selected 20 personal questions to ask your significant other to know them deeper.

1. Do you have my back no matter what?

2. What do you consider cheating?

3. What are your views on spending and saving money?

4. How much honesty do you think is needed in a relationship?’

5. What do you want from this relationship?

6. What should a healthy relationship provide for the people in it?

7. How do you deal with difficult situations?

8. Why didn’t your last relationship work out?

9. What did you learn from that relationship?

10. What do you think of your friend’s relationships?

11. What do we want our sex life to look like?

12. If you could pick one year of your life to do-over, which would it be and why?

13. What is one behavior that you never tolerate?

14. If you could write a note to your younger self, what would you say in only three words?

15. What is the one thing that makes you feel alive?

16. What would your perfect day look like?

17. Do you usually follow your head or your heart when making decisions?

18. What is something that never ends well?

19. What’s one thing you always procrastinate on?

20. What would you do with your life if you were suddenly awarded a billion dollars?