5 Easy Ways To Make Your Home More Relaxing And Express All Your Style


May 27th, 2018   |   Updated on June 27th, 2018

Are you living in a rented flat and does it look like a refuge? Then the flat design is what you should opt for. Flat design is becoming very popular nowadays and it is not restricted to own flats.

Personalize Your Flat

You can also try simple design techniques to revamp your flat. You don’t need a very big budget for personalizing your flat. But if it is a rented flat then you can personalize with some limited decorations.

You don’t have to worry about the cost. Pepperfry gives you amazing discounts on home décor. Check out Pepperfry offers to beautifully revamp your flat. Here are five easy steps to make your home more relaxing and express all your style.

1. Array of memories

Personalize Your Flat

You can transform a simple wall into an art or photo gallery with a pleasing arrangement of photos and paintings. Now we have lots of pictures to fill the wall.

But do not overcrowd instead select some of the best shots of yours to decorate the photo wall. You can also select photos from your Instagram feed and hang it as an online framer.

You can also add Polaroid photos for more attraction. Try adding some of your child’s paintings or drawings. If you have small space, then add neat bookshelves to add more books. This will give a classic look to your home.

2. Incorporate flora

Personalize Your Flat

There is nothing that matches fresh flowers. They made the place cheerful. They add warmth and life and at the same time bring a personal touch to the place.

You can easily find a place for fresh flowers, either pink peonies or white lilies. Always change this every 1 to 2 weeks to maintain it fresh.

If you are choosing non-flowering plants, then personalize on the style, color, shape, and material of the plant pot or flower vase. They bring fresh air into the house.

Moreover, these flowers will also provide you with a good natural aroma. Seeing these flowers will also make you feel good. if you don’t know to pick an aromatic flower, then spend some time in the nursery to get hold of them.

3. Adding a signature aroma

Personalize Your Flat

Imaging getting into your home and experiencing a mild romantic smell. These smells not only changes the way your space looks but it also alters the way you feel in the space.

You have to identify your favourite smell and then infuse it into your house. For this you can use, room fresheners, scented candles, essential oils and much more.

Using scented candles will make you feel special. You can also use it when you are preparing a meal or writing or reading. It is the best therapy to calm you down. Identify your favourite fragrance and add them to your home

4. Accessorize with creativity

Personalize Your Flat

Add some fascinating textiles like bedding, cushions, and rugs to give a more cozy effect to your flats. They serve as a canvas for you and also for your thoughts and tastes.

They are the best and cost-effective way of personalizing your flat if you are living in a rented flat. You can add different print, patterns, texture, and colors.

If you are an energetic person, then use bright colors. But if you are a person who loves humor, and then fills it up with cartoons and funny phrases.

These décor can match whatever personality you have. The pillows and cushion add extra comfort and warmth to the home. Choose pillows that compliment along with the bedding and other textiles.

You can lay a carpet on the floor, to create a luxurious look. The sky is your limit and so you can add as many textiles to enhance the coziness of the place.

5. Furniture for your workspace

Personalize Your Flat

Vivacious statement furniture is another best way to personalize your flat. You can use accent chairs, bean bags and beat out the side tables into some interesting shapes and colors.

If you have any hobby, carve some space for it in your room with this furniture. You could dedicate a corner to a cozy reading or meditation corner, create a chill space to play or lounge with music, or get in a bar wagon to indulge your attraction for decadent cocktails.

The furniture can be moved from room to room depending on your requirement of space and your needs. Just a small space dedicated to that thing you love will make your space feel more like you.

In addition to these, you can also add mirrors for more beauty. They make a vast difference when used as decoration for your apartment.

Using the right type of mirror enhances your room by reflecting more light, and makes a graceful or dazzling touch to your walls. You can place coffee mugs with beautiful quotes on the tables and shelves. You can also add year planners on the tables.

Personalize Your Flat

Personalizing your flat according to your likes feels so good! It doesn’t matter if you have a whole room to yourself or a smaller shared space. You can make it attractive and personal just by adding a few of your favorite things.