18 Stunning Photos Of America Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

Photos Of America

Published on July 22nd, 2017

We celebrate the beautiful natural landscapes of this diverse country. These are by no means, intended to be wholly ‘representative’ of each state, just a simple list to appreciate the natural beauty of one of the largest countries in the world :

1. Manhattan, New York City

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2. Oak Street Beach, Chicago

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3. Rattlesnake Ledge, North Bend, Washington

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4. Lake Tahoe, California

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5. The dunes of Riverside, California

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6. The seas and cenotes of California

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7. Cape Cod, Massachusetts

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8. Loon Pond, Acton, Maine

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9. Cloud Gate, Chicago

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10. Ocean Shores, Washington

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11. Lake Placid, New York

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12. Prospect Hill Tower, Somerville, Massachusetts

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13. Port Madison, Bainbridge Island, Washington

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14. Palm Springs, California

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15. Gray Whale Cove, California

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16. Venice Beach Skate Park, California

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17. Manhattan Beach Pier, California

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18. The Wedge, Newport Beach, California

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