5 Promotional Items Worth Offering To Your Customers

selection of custom coffee mugs

Published on November 19th, 2022

Effective marketing strategies and promotions aren’t always easy to execute. Most marketing campaigns fail spectacularly.

The ones that do stick offer potential customers something unique and valuable that will enhance their lives.

If you’re trying to generate buzz about your business and drive more customers to the organization, you might be at a loss for what type of promotional opportunities can work for you.

Fortunately, customized items like cups, pens, and coffee mugs can offer a high return on investment and generate plenty of impressions and leads. In this article, we’ll talk about some of those promotional items and how they can help you


Tumblers are a great gift for anyone. When you stop to consider they’re one of the most versatile drinking vessels out there, it makes sense that tumblers would be a good choice for advertising.

A Tumblr can be designed to contain any logo or image you choose. Furthermore, tumblers are available in different kinds of materials like stainless steel and with lid/straw combos for people on the go.

Tumblers can also be eco-friendly, not to mention functional! Tumblers made from sustainable materials are a nice incentive for customers to buy them.

Wine Glasses

Wine has been growing in popularity among certain demographics over the past few years. It make sense to jump on that bandwagon by offering wine glasses as an option to your customers.

Consider offering them as part of a gift package or during certain times of the year. Making wine glasses a seasonal special can be appealing to certain people as well.

Even if you do not sell wine, wine glasses can still be used as a promotional item. Plus, it’s simple enough to use them as part of a contest or sweepstakes.

Be creative and come up with a way to use wine glasses to promote your brand. Your customers and your bottom line will be glad you did.

Coffee Mugs

Like wine, coffee is tremendously popular. It can also seem like a saturated market, especially when there’s a chain coffee shop on every corner and every shopping center.

But don’t let that undermine the value of coffee mugs for marketing. Coffee mugs in particular make wonderful marketing tools.

The obvious reasons—everyone loves coffee, people drink it daily, and it’s practically its own subculture—are only part of their appeal.

Offering a selection of custom coffee mugs is an ideal way to get your customers excited about your brand.

Coffee mugs are another high visibility item that catch the eyes of others. You know what that means: if your logo is on the cup, someone might see it and become interested in your company.

If the cup is exceptional, high-quality, and durable, that’s even better. Coffee is a popular beverage and subculture these days, too, so you can use that to your marketing advantage.

Consider including some coffee beans (branded, of course) with each purchase, offer multiple sizes and styles of coffee mug, offer travel mugs.

More variety and expanded offerings are good for the bottom line and ultimately delight customers by giving them more choice and agency when purchasing drinkware.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are useful for far more than helping people hydrate. Consider how well they function as a marketing tool. Water bottles are high-quality, long-lasting, and can be used for more than just H2O.

Bottles are reusable, durable, and a superb choice for marketing. They’re also extremely affordable, with a large imprint area that can be used to display your logo, company name, or marketing message.

Add the fact that they’re highly visible and you have a recipe for great success. Water bottles can come in sizes ranging from 8oz to 128oz, giving customers a wide array of options from which to choose for their hydration needs.


A nice thermos complements any cold day. Ideal for camping trips or a long journeys, a thermos can be a useful alternative to a water bottle. Using them as promotional items can be effective, especially during certain times of the year.

The vacuum-sealed chamber inside the thermos keeps beverages warm so you don’t have to worry about sipping cold coffee or reheating your tea (or soup).

For customers, they offer more variety than the traditional types of drink containers. For businesses, they provide a place to stick your logo and remind the customer why they chose your business in the first place.

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