How To Protect Your Jewelry From Losing Its Looks And Value?

protect your jewelry from losing its looks and value_1

Published on September 11th, 2018

The world of jewelry has evolved constantly since its beginning. It surely affects the net aura of a person at any social gatherings.

Naturally, any woman with the most beautiful looking jewelry at such gathering becomes the eye catcher. What is it about jewelry that makes them so costly and women always crave for getting new ones?

Jewelry is not just limited to the looks of a person. It affects the overall personality and impression of the person. The variety of jewelry current available in the market are just innumerable.

There are diamond necklaces, sterling silver rings, or jewelry of emerald. In a recent news, on Met Gala 2018 Rihanna wore gold hoop earrings and a pearl ring from Konstantino Jewelry while Bulgari brand ambassador, Lily Aldridge, wore diamond Giardini High Jewelry necklace.

It doesn’t matter how costly or rare your jewelry is, it requires constant care and protection against all kinds of wear. Taking proper precautions and cleaning them at regular intervals are the only ways of protecting your jewelry from losing its beauty and value.

Here are a few ways in which will help you to retain the beauty of your jewelry for a longer duration.

1. Time to take off your jewelry

protect your jewelry from losing its looks and value

Jewelry is one of the finest accessories but is really susceptible to any careless usage. So, in order to extend the lifetime of your jewelry and to retain its looks, take off your jewelry during any kind of activities such as laundry, cooking, or any such activities which require movement of the jewelry. This tiny step can save your precious jewelry from wearing off quickly.


2. A word about storage

This is one of the most common mistakes regarding protection of jewelry from any damages. Store your jewelry away from direct heat or light.

Excessive heat or light can change the color as well as the shape of some of the precious stones of your jewelry. Some extra precautions must be taken in special cases like the handcrafted Konstantino Jewelry.

It is advised to check for any loose ends, bent prongs, etc each time before wearing Konstantino Jewelry. Keep your jewelry in separate containers/cases to prevent them from entangling or breaking.

Many of the jewelry parts such as – plastic, wood, gemstones, etc. can suffer damages if they are stored together.


3. Cleaning Your Jewelry

protect your jewelry from losing its looks and value

This is one of the cliched and yet ignored devices as far as taking care of jewelry is concerned. People take their jewelry for granted and end up regretting because of quicker wear and tear.

Always check for any signs of dust or tarnish before wearing your jewelry and simply wipe it off. This will save you from a lot of long-term wear of your jewelry.

Prepare a cleaning solution like water and baking soda method, to keep your jewelry clean and shiny. It is advised to learn about the stone of your jewelry before cleaning as many jewelry stones tend to react with chemicals.


4. Distance from Chemicals

ALWAYS keep your jewelry from any kinds of chemicals. It is advised to take off your jewelry before entering your swimming pool as the chlorine in the pool water can damage your jewelry(especially silver) severely.

Keep your jewelry away from hot water tub, perfumes, lotions, etc. Chemicals of any kind can affect the beauty and lifetime of your jewelry to a great extent.  

Though it is necessary to take precautions and keep your jewelry clean, it is very important to take your jewelry to a professional in case of any type of severe damages.

Besides, always conduct a background check on a store before buying your jewelry from it. Go, decorate yourself with the classic collection of Konstantino Jewelry now!