14 Ultimate Guide to Purchasing Bride and Groom Wedding Dresses

Purchasing Bride and Groom Wedding Dresses

February 21st, 2018   |   Updated on March 25th, 2022

One thing the bride and groom are always excited and conscious about is the Wedding Dress. Visiting a number of wedding attire salons and looking out for a perfect one is no small feat. You end up scrolling the online sites for a perfect design.

Don’t worry. We are here to help you find your dream wedding dress that will be ideal for great wedding photography. We are happy to share some crucial tips while selecting and purchasing your perfect wedding dress.

Tips for Purchasing a Perfect Wedding Dress for Brides

1. Value Your Choice, Budget and Time

It is important to know what you exactly want before stepping into the store. Know your budget and then spend accordingly. Do a proper research on the trends. Look out for designs on Pinterest, Wedding magazines and sites. Spend time at the stores for a better understanding of what you want.

2. Start The Selection Process Early

If you want to go for a good fashion label or a custom dress, make sure you start the process 5 to 8 months before the wedding. Make sure you have pre-booked your bridal store appointments. This gives you enough time for the alterations.

3. Be Familiar with The Terminologies of The Fabrics

You have to be a bit familiar with the fabrics you choose while selecting your wedding dress. You should have a basic idea of the known fabrics such as white, ivory, champagne, etc. This helps your store consultant to know what you want. And find the best result. To know about fabric terminologies, click here.

4. Choose The Dress According to the Venue

Choosing the right material and dress also depends on the wedding venue. It depends whether the wedding is outdoors, at a church, farm or a beach wedding. You can decide the fabric, dress style, color, and length accordingly. Visit Avery Austin for long train wedding dress.

5. Try Sample Sale

Sample sales are the best options when you are left with less time and limited budget. It is probably the best option when you are unclear about what you want. But you have to be prepared to pay for the dress up front, mostly in cash. Also, try the online sample sales. You get multiple collections in all size, length, and prices.

6. Be Ready to Try Different Styles

A floor length, fishtail, furry or a mermaid style. You will never know which can be the right choice for your wedding. So, you have to be open to your choices and different styles. You can also choose the vintage and royal look for your wedding day. As vintage never goes out of style.

7. Find the Complementary Accessories

Do not forget about the matching veil, shoes, headpiece, neck pieces, hair pieces, and all the other little details. If you have selected a custom wedding dress, you can also go for custom veils or headpieces. They enhance your look for your life’s best occasion.

Tips for Purchasing a Perfect Wedding Dress for Groom

8. Value Your First Choice Based on The Overall Budget

Be clear about your choices. It is important to ascertain the best pick before browsing through the store. A proper research can go a long way in making sense of latest trends in wedding attire for grooms. Check out designs on varied sites including Pinterest, and fashion magazines. Also, make these choices based on your budget itself.

9. A Classic Two-Piece Suit

Wearing a black two-piece suit is the most common wedding dress for grooms and looks most elegant during wedding photography. But you have a variety of options here as well. You can wear a black bow tie with a smart tuxedo or a waistcoat. These give you a classic and all time stylish look.

10. Tailored Fit Suits

Suits you wear on your big day has to be perfect in all senses. It has to be super comfortable – in size, trouser length, sleeves etc. For that, you have to keep a basic understanding of the fitting guide for the suits. Even you can go for trials and purchase before 6-8 months. This helps you in alterations.

11. Fabrics and Colours

A clean white dress shirt can be a great choice for a wedding day. You can choose a solid colored shirt for the coat. Mostly, light shades of blue, cream and off-white can go along with the bride’s dress as well. Also, know what fabric will suit you.

12. Communicate with the Bride-to-be

This is always a good option. You can color coordinate with your bride-to-be. You can mutually agree to what you will be wearing. You can also take advice and guidance from your bride-to-be or your groomsmen.

13. Decide on a Dress Code for Your Wedding

A proper dress code is always important. You can probably put that up on your invitation card. Also, try to be very specific in terms of color, formal look or the location of the wedding. So, do not forget to mention the wedding venue and the dress code. This looks great.

14. Do not Forget to Accessorize Your Look

A man knows his shoes well. If in any case, you go wrong with the shoes, you fail to impress. So, matching the right shoes with your black tuxedo or a waistcoat will give you all the right feels.

It is all about you and you! So, spend your resources smartly. Invest in your time, and taste of fashion and style. Love and be comfortable in what you wear. You are going to be the most beautifully dressed couple for life and your wedding photography should reflect on that fact!