Top 15 Reasons Why Women Love Older Men

Top 15 Reasons Why Women Love Older Men

March 16th, 2017   |   Updated on May 4th, 2018

Yes, men over 40 are more confident, more connected, and even more fun. — Alex Daniel

Now, this is not a secret why even in Hollywood also, there is still the hero are sharing the screens with quite younger heroines. The line is quite long Tom Cruise (51) had the heroine Emily blunt (31) in the movie ‘Edge of Tomorrow’, Ryan Gosling (36) got Emma Stone (28) in ‘La La Land’  and many mores.

Well, the scenario is the male actors are still there from a long time on silver screen while the females have to leave as because of comparatively younger actresses are lined up to grab the opportunity. The industry is always in search of fresh faces with talent.

Best Life does not support any trends of movies for the same in real life relationship and a number of examples are in our society where elder females are very well settled with their younger partners.

But in real, it is a fact younger females are selecting the comparatively older partners for romance and this has been proven by Finnish Study, which has a sample size of 12000 people. Here we are going to discuss some of the major factors behind this fashion.

1. They Are Secure

women love older men

The men of 30s are probably more established in comparison to the men of 20s. And they got the right path towards success till the age of 30s. So they are more settle and calm in their lives while the 20s is the age of volatility with no relaxation at all.


2. Money

women love older men

As they have been working from last few years they are well established in their job, they had earned and of course saved a handsome amount for sure.

3. Chivalry

women love older men

When a man opens a door for a female, all the time, to enter first in a building, leaves a deep impression on the heart of the female. A lot of appreciation is to be delivered by this single gesture. And this comes with some experience and exposureto relationships. Probably a younger aged man can’t offer such kind of activities.


4. No Roommates

women love older men

Usually, a mature man doesn’t reside on sharing basis, not even with his best friends. They stay alone and maintain appropriate privacy to accomplish his life, while the younger guys, most of the time, shares rooms and all with some of his best friends.

5. Hanging Out With Their Friends Is More Pleasant

women love older men

The mature men don’t do it frequently and so they don’t put a lot of time on and with the friends. But when they do it, they use to select some awesome places which are pleasant to the females. And this one of the most confining factor to consider the eligibility for a partner. Instead, the younger ones don’t think much about it, they can hang on in a comparatively cheap restaurant where even the females don’t feel comfortable.

6. They’ve Had More Relationships To Learn From

women love older men

Mature man has passed through different relationships on different sides so they have a handsome amount of experience to manage them. Also, they know well how to make a balance between various relationships. They had passed through all the positives and negatives of a certain relationship and they can better handle a critical situation in between in comparison to the young guy.

7. They Won’t Take You For Granted

women love older men

The mature guys have experience about the signals a female propagates, they can understand the hidden meanings even. So they don’t take a female granted. Which is not true in the case of younger man.


8. They’re Better At Sex

women love older men

With the previous experiences, they had developed their perfect technique to make a sex and they really are remarkable in the technique. They know where to do and what to do, where to touch, how to touch and how long it will take to have the sex with.

9. They Get It

Women Love Older Men

Females develop a better understanding than that of males of the same age. The mature guys receive those receptors which a 20s aged man can never at that age. Even a single sentence is more than enough for these experienced men.


10. Patience

women love older men

A mature guy understand the value of patience while a young doesn’t have the value for it. Actually, it comes with a lot of experiences a person has to face in his life.

11. Your Dates

women love older men

To make you impress a mature guy takes you to some place where you can have a great quality of food as well as the atmosphere is romantic while on the other hand, it would never happen and you could feel some pocky eyes on you.

12. They Know What They Like

women love older men

Because of their huge experience,you would never become happy before getting the best suitable for you. The mature guy helps you to get one which is made for you only.

13. They’re Assertive

women love older men

The mature guy always remains positive to get the best out of the resources. As they keep on trying one after the other efforts.

14. They Command Respect

women love older men

A mature man does this in such a way a female impresses for sure while a young guy can’t even think like that.

15. They Can Engage With Your Parents

women love older men

A mature guy had developed a great sense of understanding the importance of conversation on many different topics which is clearly absent in young guy due to insufficient experience. And of course, the mature guy should have better stability in terms of ideas and implementations and so the girl’s parents always like to talk to the mature guys to exchange the thoughts about future planning and other issues.