5 Regular Substances Around Us That Can Cause Cancer

Regular Substances That Can Cause Cancer

July 23rd, 2018   |   Updated on May 25th, 2022

Cancer is one of the leading cause of death today (WHO). Even in the most advanced nations like US and UK, this dreaded disease remains the biggest killer. However, due to the advancements in medical science, this mass killer of the past seems to be regulated to some extent.

Yet, the risk still looms, and cancer remains part and parcel of both celebrities and ordinary lives. The news of yesteryear actress Sonali Bendre diagnosed with high-grade metastatic cancer, once again brought this killing disease into the limelight.

Moreover, modern gadgets and products that have become an integral part of our daily life, often remain the cause of cancer.

Let’s have a look at the five substances around us that can cause cancer-

1. Candles, No More Romantic

Use Of Colors

Although we live in an age of electric lights, people still use candles to bring a romantic feel to their house. Despite all the popularity, not many would know that the fumes of the candles have carcinogens like toluene, ketones, aldehydes, and several other fossil fuel substances.

You may not be affected by the seldom use of candles, but their regular use can be the cause behind the menace. Instead, use 100 percent natural candles.


2. Diet Soda, No More Healthy

Diet Soda

It is common to see people avoiding sugary beverages to curb weight gain, but it is unlikely to hear that one can even get the risk of having pancreatic cancer by consuming diet soda.

If you curb your intake of sugary beverages by replacing them with diet soda, then think twice, as it can increase your risk of developing cancer.

The artificial sweeteners used in these beverages are the nasty element here. Numerous research studies have suggested the link between Saccharin, Cyclamate, Aspartame with brain tumour and bladder cancer.


3. Beware Of The Artificial Flavoring And Coloring

Artificial Flavoring

The exposure to several artificial flavourings is merely unavoidable. You can find it prevalent in a wide range of food products, which are used to add flavour and taste.

The red and the yellow colour food dyes are unavoidable ones. However, these artificial colours contain alpha-diketone and diacetyl, which can increase cancer risks in the long run along with short-term health issues like hypersensitivity and respiratory complications.

Food items like cheese, snacks, juices, junk food and other processed foods are the common sources of artificial colour and flavour.


4. Canned Foods, Say Bye To Them

Canned Foods

We all are obsessed with canned foods; thanks to the convenience they offer to us. But not many would know that they can be lethal and unhealthy.

The vacuum sealing with a plastic coating in the metal containers leads to contamination and creates the chaos.

The plastic lining is made up of Bisphenol A, which is responsible for hampering the hormonal and DNA balance, that can lead to breast cancers.


5. Artificial Sweeteners, No More Sweet

Artificial Sweeteners

Artificial sweeteners are artificial sugar tablets that stimulate the sweet receptors on your tongue with an alarming rate of 7,000 times stronger than the natural sweeteners.

The creation of artificial sweeteners was accidental, and they were later developed in a lab, but their presence in our daily life is uncanny.

Having said that, it’s recommended to cut the use of artificial sweeteners in your tea, coffee, and other food preparations to reduce the risk of developing a brain tumour, leukaemia, lymphoma and other common types of cancer, along with metabolic dysfunction and increase in high-density lipoproteins (HDL).


Wrapping Up:

The list of regular substances that can cause cancer is long. You can further explore them so that you and your loved ones can avoid them and avert the menace called Cancer.

While you go online and search for these cancer-causing substances, consider researching about cancer insurance and buying one as well.

Cancer insurance will act as your financial backup if God forbid, a medical emergency like cancer strikes. Having one by your side can help reduce the financial strain on your loved ones, while you undergo the cancer treatment.


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